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    Adobe InDesign Training in Leicestershire


    InDesign Training Courses Online & OnsiteGet to grips with design and layout on our Introduction to Adobe InDesign Training in Leicestershire. Our onsite InDesign Courses in Leicester are hosted across the whole region including Loughborough, Ashby de la Zouch, and Melton Mowbray.


    Onsite courses are hosted on your premises and the course is also delivered as a virtual online InDesign Training events which are with a live instructor.


    We specialise in running tailored InDesign events which are available either as virtual Online Photoshop Training with a live instructor or hosted onsite on your premises.


    Adobe InDesign Training, who is this course for?


    What will I learn on this course?This Introduction to Adobe InDesign Course is ideal for anyone completely new to desktop publishing or with limited skills. Over the years we have trained designers, administrators, marketeers, educators, public & private sector businesses.


    InDesign is becoming increasingly popular with small business owners who are looking to bring their design in-house and design more of their own documents whether for print, social media or epublishing.


    It is designed for anyone looking to hit the ground running by creating, editing and publishing professional documents for print and web.  


    What other InDesign Courses are available?


    We run a wide range of InDesign Training from beginners through to advanced but have found tailored InDesign training is becoming more popular. 



    Online InDesign Training


    As well as our onsite courses we also run this as an Online InDesign Training session.


    All of our virtual InDesign training is run with a live instructor who you can interact with throughout your course via video, chat and sharing screens in real time. All our digital design courses are available online. 


    Do you run Adobe Courses at the weekends?


    Online Adobe Training is environmentally friendlyOur Online InDesign Courses are available on any time zone so we can offer 24 hour availability and over the weekend. 


    We run our online training sessions via the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx.


    It’s your choice which video conferencing software you prefer.


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training. 


    Added Bonus about Online Training Courses

    An added bonus of our online courses is there’s no travel involved meaning less stress on the planet so environmentally it makes great sense.


    No fighting traffic or public transport just get up, have tea /coffee and something to eat, turn on the computer and we’ll be there ready to deliver your course.


    Find out more about the Online InDesign Training


    InDesign Training, what will you learn?


    The Introduction InDesign Training Course covers the following features however the full course overview can be viewed at the bottom of the page or from the Courses menu above:


    • Create New Documents & Edit Existing Ones
    • Work with Type
    • Placing & Manipulating Images
    • Smart Layouts
    • Text Wrapping
    • Colour
    • Strokes & Fills
    • Interactive PDF’s
    • Print & PDF Production


    Adobe Training Courses

    What do you produce on the InDesign Course?


    Although this is an Introduction to InDesign Training the course criteria is a broad one because we tend to tailor the content individually for each client.


    One company may need to focus on designing company reports, short tenders whereas another may be more interested in producing marketing materials and then a third may want to learn how edit existing documents.


    To give a guide we’ve delivered this InDesign to a wide variety of clients over the years and delivered this content plus more for them.


    We have helped companies with their branding and worked with them to streamline their materials by showing delegates swifter ways of working and keeping documents consistent.


    These are some of the type of documents we have worked on marketing materials, infographics, flyers, posters, branded materials, tenders, annual reports, financial reports, POS materials amongst others.


    As well as print documents you’ll also learn how to work with both static and interactive PDF’s.


    Find out more about InDesign Interactive PDF’s


    Even on an introduction to InDesign course we tend to tailor the course for the client.


    In fact one of the first questions we ask when you get in touch is ‘What do you want from your course’?


    Onsite InDesign Training in Leicestershire


    The InDesign training is delivered on your premises, either home or office for either individuals, small company groups and larger scale projects at times and dates that work for you and your staff. Onsite InDesign training can be arranged for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    • realistic and reduced costs
    • no traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses
    • the approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 
    • mutually agreed dates and times



    Adobe InDesign Training Leicestershire
    & other locations

    Leicester InDesign CoursesIn addition to Leicester we also run onsite InDesign Training Courses UK wide including all major towns, cities and their surrounding areas.


    We cover places as far apart as  Peterborough, Northampton, Bedford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Lincoln, Worcester.


    We also travel further afield to the South West, Wales, Ireland and Europe.


    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss availability and dates in your area.


    Thank you for visiting us.

    Don’t have a good day have a great one


    Adobe InDesign Training Leicester Greta Powell Training






    Adobe InDesign Intro Training Course - Overviews

    Getting started with InDesign

    Creating and saving a document

    New document setup

    Tools / panels

    Document navigation


    Objects & Layout

    Object Shapes

    Align /Distribute



    Accurate Rotation


    InDesign & Text Frames

    Text frames

    Formatting Text frames

    Text frame properties

    Text frame – multi column setup


    InDesign & Layout


    Grids (including baseline grid for individual text frames)

    Rulers (zero point)

    Smart Guides




    InDesign & Colour

    Colour modes, RGB, CMYK & Pantones

    Create New colour /Spot /Process

    Edit existing colour

    Accurate colour for print


    InDesign & Images

    Placing images

    Editing images / graphic frames

    Image formats

    Graphic frames


    InDesign Text Wrapping

    Text and graphics

    Text wrapping

    Text wrap options

    Clipping path


    Type Handling & Manipulation

    Placing text

    Character styles / Paragraph styles

    Typography and layouts

    Text Flow
    (Placed & Threaded)

    Digital /PDF Output

    Interactive Panel




    Output to PDF


    InDesign’s Stroke Panel

    Stroke Weight

    Stroke Options

    Stroke Arrows

    Stoke Path Options


    InDesign & Print Output


    Preflight Panel


    Export (print) to .PDF



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