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  • Adobe Lightroom in Education

    Posted on 26th March 2018 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Lightroom Training – for schools

    It was recently a great pleasure to deliver an Adobe Lightroom Course combined with an Adobe Photoshop course to a school in Lincolnshire. This was for the Photography and Media departments who were particularly interested in looking into Lightroom CC to add features to their school curriculum later this year. The approach to this Adobe Lightroom Training was quite simple – a basic overview of its tools and tabs and how it could be adapted for straightforward use for their students.


    There were three people on the Adobe Lightroom Training in Lincolnshire and with differing skill-sets and areas of interest it was decided to split the day up into two with the Adobe Photoshop Training in the morning and Lightroom Course in the afternoon.


    Lightroom Overview

    We started out with a look over the structure of Lightroom, its Tabs, Panels and General Interface and identified that the Library Tab would be extremely important. The students will be gathering large amounts of photo’s during their time on the school course so it was agreed that straightforward and fast methods of saving, finding and exporting their images should be looked at. In this particular case we looked at Exporting to a specific folder which would give the students the ability to locate their images for use in Microsoft Office (Insert >Pictures). We then looked at Lightroom’s database facilities including catalogs, folders and collections and decided one catalogue would work well in this particular case.


    Adobe Lightroom CC Training Courses




    Lightroom Training Case Study









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