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  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing

    Posted on 28th June 2020 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing

    Just using the built-in presets and basic tools for Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing gives pretty amazing effects with a few clicks of the mouse. However if you want to up your game there are plenty of advanced techniques and features you can use such as Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush panel. 


    Adobe Lightroom Adjustment Brush

    The Adjustment Brush is one of the most powerful tools in Lightroom and accessed via the Develop tab. Using Adjustment Brushes lets you isolate and edit areas of the image and apply effects such as colour, retouching and toning to those individual sections

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    Photoshop or Lightroom Training?

    Posted on 16th February 2020 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop or Lightroom Training?

    The question is exactly what do you want to do with your image editing software. Obviously you want to edit photographs but when making the choice between Photoshop or Lightroom training you need to be a little more specific. Do you want to simply edit images, do you work with large amounts of images, want to create graphics, design social media images and animated GIF’s the list seems almost never-ending.


    Which do you choose? The answer to that is it really depends on is what you need to do and the particular project /s at hand. So this is a post listing the key parts of each piece of software and their use in certain projects. 


    In this post we take a look at both pieces of software and way up the pros and cons. Incidentally Adobe provide a number of different subscription options over on their website you can choose from.

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    Adobe Lightroom in Education

    Posted on 26th March 2018 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Lightroom Training – for schools

    It was recently a great pleasure to deliver an Adobe Lightroom Course combined with an Adobe Photoshop course to a school in Lincolnshire. This was for the Photography and Media departments who were particularly interested in looking into Lightroom CC to add features to their school curriculum later this year. The approach to this Adobe Lightroom Training was quite simple – a basic overview of its tools and tabs and how it could be adapted for straightforward use for their students.


    There were three people on the Adobe Lightroom Training in Lincolnshire and with differing skill-sets and areas of interest it was decided to split the day up into two with the Adobe Photoshop Training in the morning and Lightroom Course in the afternoon.

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