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    Adobe Lightroom Training Courses 

    Adobe Lightroom Training - online and onsiteWe deliver many Adobe Lightroom Training Courses to a variety of people. Lightroom is most popular with photographers and educators and as most of our courses are bespoke we thought we’d outline an example of a course we ran some time ago for the photography department of a school.


    We started out with a look over the structure of Lightroom, its Tabs, Panels and General Interface and identified that the Library Tab would be extremely important.


    The students will be gathering large amounts of photo’s during their time on the school course so it was agreed that straightforward and fast methods of saving, finding and exporting their images should be looked at.


    In this particular case we looked at Exporting to a specific folder which would give the students the ability to locate their images for use in Microsoft Office (Insert >Pictures). We then looked at Lightroom’s database facilities including catalogs, folders and collections and decided one catalogue would work well in this particular case.


    Adobe Lightroom Interface










    Lightroom Tabs

    We took a look through all the different tabs contained in Lightroom and again focussed only on the ones that would be of use to the school students.






    The Develop Tab

    Obviously this tab took a while as there were demonstrations of the tools and the teachers tried out many of the sliders on their own images.


    The Develop tab in Lightroom is the one that deals with image correction and enhancement among others and lets you adjust tone, colour and contrast. It also lets you work with photo retouching such as cropping and spot removal. As with Photoshop – Lightroom also follows Adobe’s none destructive editing process which means the original photo remains unaltered. We spent some time on the Basic panel investigating the tonal sliders and Tone Curve panel.



    We looked at the Histogram to find highlights, shadows and how much contrast is contained in the photo which lets you decide if or whether you need to make changes to the images contrast / exposure.


    The sliders (as shown below) were all explained and some time was spent making adjustments to the image to see how each tool affected the look of the image.


















    What is the Tone Curve in Lightroom?

    The Tone Curve contains all the tones in the image and has a Tone Axis (running along the bottom of the panel). The tone line represents the tonal ranges starting from Shadows (bottom left of the panel) and Highlights (Top Right of the Panel. Everything in between is referred to as a Midtone, each of which is further divided into either darker or lighter tones. Just to go over it in brief – once you know which tone range you want to adjust you click that part of the tone curve – for instance if you want to adjust your shadow area ie. make it lighter then you click at the top left 1/3 of the curve (which controls the shadows) and drag it up to lighten the image.


    Adjusted Tone Curve 


















    Adobe Lightroom Output 


    The teachers then wondered what were the options for outputting the student photo’s as the final part of their year involves creating a portfolio. After some debate we then decided that the best way forward would be to look at two of the remaining tabs.


    Quick Tip about Lightroom’s Tone Curve

    Add a little more pop to your image by gently and the keyword here is gently tweaking the curve into an S shape by pulling the lower 1/3 of the line downwards and the upper 1/3 upwards. It will darken shadow and brighten the highlights. If you want you can also adjust the sliders just below the Tone Curve screen.


    The Book Tab in Lightroom


    The book tab is quite under-utilised in Lightroom but in this particular Lightroom Training Course it really came to the fore. Lightroom’s Book Tab lets you output your photographs to a book format. These usually take two paths, one is using the Blurb feature which virtually walks you through all the aspects of publishing a table book or you can use .PDF format.



    Book Tab in Adobe Lightroom










    Book Setting Panel


    Once inside the Book Tab you can apply a number of different changes to your book including the size of the publication, whether its landscape or portrait and also include Page Numbers


















    Adobe Lightroom Slideshow

    The other option for output was Lightroom’s Slideshow function which lets you set up a screen display very quickly and with no need to visit PowerPoint. The Slideshow tab has a number of different templates to choose from which offer visual previews of your show. The images are viewed in the centre of the screen and as with all other tabs there are a number of panels on the right that let you set your personal preferences such as adding text captions to layouts and slide controls for play and pause


    Creating slideshows in Adobe Lightroom - Lightroom Training Courses










    This post is just a quick synopsis of one of the ways that Adobe Training can be customised to suit different sectors. This Lightroom CC Training was completely tailored to suit the needs of the teachers at the school who wanted to deliver more specific lessons to their pupils. They needed to have a firm understanding of exactly what Lightroom could do for them.


    If you would like more information about how I can help with your tailored Adobe Lightroom Course please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via the contact form at the top of the screen or by email at info@gretapowell.com


    Thank you for visiting the site.

    Don’t have a good day, have a great one



    Adobe Lightroom Courses and Adobe Photoshop Courses are run UK wide including the Midlands, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Lincoln, Rugby, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Northampton, Peterborough, London and all surrounding areas. Please get in touch to find out how these can be organised in your region of the UK

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