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    InDesign Training Courses


    Adobe InDesign Training onsite in the Midlands or live online

    Our Adobe InDesign Training Courses give you the skills to create, design and publish professional and attractive spreads and layouts destined for both digital and print output. 


    It is hosted onsite at your premises or as a virtual online InDesign Course held with a live instructor. The course takes you ground in and introduces you to creating and editing existing /new documents using the same features as professional designers use every day. 


    On this InDesign Training course you will gain the skills needed to create, design and publish professional and attractive spreads and layouts for both digital and print output. 


    InDesign Training Courses
    who are they suitable for?

    They are delivered to just about every area of business you can think of including construction, content creators, marketeers, designers, bid writers, small business owners.


    Introduction to InDesign Training Courses
    what will you learn?

    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Derby & Derbyshire or Online InDesign Courses live instructorYou will learn how to set up new documents from scratch using professional print settings such as slug & bleed, set document size etc depending on its destination ie. digital or print.


    The course is very hands on and during the training you will work with different types of text, placing & flowing text and work with styles for type consistency throughout a document. You will also work with things such as Master Pages & Grids to give your spreads exact positioning, page numbering and layouts in the documents.


    During the InDesign Course you will find out how to purpose documents for both print, web and social media and understand the different file formats and processes for output. The course also covers design techniques and shows you how to make publications look both professional and elegant. So with this in mind we work with images, shades, colours and typefaces to add sheen to your designs.


    InDesign & PDF

    The course also dips into InDesign’s interactive side and shows you how to repurpose content /create new content to publish an interactive InDesign documents containing links, video and bookmarks.


    • Edit & Update existing documents
    • Create New Documents (including bleed, slug, margins & columns)
    • Work with colour, typography and use grids and guides to publish accurate and consistent looking documents
    • Understand the tools, features and techniques used to create highly effective and communicative layouts and spreads
    • Learn to edit and work with existing documents
    • Format, Layout and Design Documents
    • Work with the newer graphic formats HEIC, HEIF, WEBP, and JP2K
    • Publish to various outputs including InDesign, PDF and Export


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    Online InDesign Training Courses

     We also run these as Online InDesign Courses in virtual classrooms held with a live instructor.


    You have direct contact with your trainer throughout the course via video, audio and screen sharing in real time.


    All our digital design courses are now available online and are run globally including the US, Dubai and Europe.


    If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training Courses please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email. 


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    Onsite InDesign Training Courses
    what are the benefits for you?

    Onsite InDesign training can be arranged for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • Prior to the training you chat with me about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • InDesign course is tailored to suit you or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you



    Don’t have a good day.

    Have a great one


    InDesign Intro Course - Overviews

    Getting started

    • Creating and saving a documen
    • (Bleed, slug, margins, columns)
    • Tools Menu, Panels, Control Bar
    • Arrange & Tile
    • Workspaces


    Smart layout

    • Guides
    • Grids
    • (including baseline grid for individual text frames)
    • Rulers
    • (understanding the zero point)


    Text Basics

    • Text frames
    • Formatting Text frames
    • Text frame properties
    • Text frame – multi column setup
    • Text Flow



    • Creating New Pages
    • Master Page Setup
    • Page Numbering
    • Deleting, reordering pages
    • Understanding Shuffle options

    Type Handling & Manipulation

    • Placing text
    • Character styles / Paragraph styles
    • Typography and layouts


    Tab Handling

    • Tab palette
    • Tab characters
    • Editing tabs
    • Adding leaders



    • Colour models, RGB, CMYK & Pantones
    • Create New colour
    • Edit existing colour
    • Accurate colour for print


    CC Libraries

    • Creating a Library
    • Editing a Library
    • Sharing Libraries
    • Library Text Assets


    • Placing images
    • Editing images / graphic frames
    • Image formats
    • Graphic frames


    Paragraph Shading & Borders

    • Creating Paragraph Borders
    • Paragraph Borders Options
    • Paragraph Shading
    • Paragraph Shading Options

    Combining Type and Imagery

    • Text and graphics
    • Text wrapping
    • Text wrap options
    • Clipping paths


    Print output

    • Preview
    • Preflight
    • Export (print) to .PDF

    Onsite per day


    • Standard rate for one person: £275.00 All Inc per day
    • Subsequent persons: £75.00 All Inc per day
    • *Laptop Hire £25.00 per computer per day
      *T&C’s apply to laptop hire
    • Depending on location Travel Expenses may be involved


    This InDesign Training Courses are held across the UK including the Midlands, Derby, London, Northampton, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Bedford, Dunstable.and all other locations country wide. Please get in touch to discuss availability and dates around your location.

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