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  • Adobe Captivate Courses in Leicester

    Adobe Captivate Courses in Leicester


    Online and Onsite Captivate coursesOur introduction to Adobe Captivate Courses in Leicester based training will give you the skills to create, edit and publish rich eLearning modules and projects.


    These short but intensive courses will introduce you to eLearning and teach you how to work with software simulations, video, voice overs, quizzes and virtual tours.


    The course is available either as onsite training hosted on your premises or as virtual Captivate Training sessions held with a live instructor. 


    These are suitable for 121 sessions, company groups or larger team roll-outs.


    Introduction to Captivate Training Course in the Leicester


    This is an introduction to Captivate Training course so ideal for anyone new to the software or wishing to build on existing knowledge.


    Our courses are run either as online Captivate Training sessions with a live instructor or as onsite Captivate Courses hosted on your premises.


    Our onsite Captivate training courses run across the UK and the Leicestershire region including Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and Coalville.


    How do Online Adobe Captivate Courses work?


    Online Captivate Courses for beginnersOur Online Captivate Courses offer great flexibility timewise and are available on any time zone so we can offer 24 hour availability and over the weekend. 


    We run our online training sessions via the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx.


    You will have direct contact with your Trainer throughout the duration of the course via video and audio link in real time and be in contact visually and audibly throughout the whole time. 


    It’s your choice which video conferencing software you prefer but we can offer Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training. Please mention at time of booking if this is a requirement. 


    Added Bonus about Online Captivate Training Courses

    An added bonus of our online courses is there’s no travel involved meaning less stress on the planet so environmentally it makes great sense.


    No fighting traffic or public transport just get up, have tea /coffee and something to eat, turn on the computer and we’ll be there ready to deliver your course.


    Find out more about Online Captivate Training


    Do you run Captivate Courses over the weekend?


    Content for the Captivate CourseYes we do and overnight as we’re totally time zone compliant. Our Online Captivate Courses run on a 24 /7 basis including weekends.


    We are also able to organise our online training sessions as blocks so if you prefer we’re quite happy to split the course into half days.


    Please be aware though flexible timings are only available with the online courses.


    Find out more about the Online Captivate Training


    How do your Onsite Adobe Captivate Courses work?

        • This is in-house training hosted on your premises at times and dates to suit you
        • The Captivate Training Content can be tailored & designed your company
        • No delegate travel involved saving both on expenses & travel
        • Cost effective tailored training approach
        • Prior to the course we arrange a chat with you to ensure you get the training you need.
        • Flexible dates & times


    As well as Adobe Captivate Courses in the Leicester where else do you train?


    We’re UK wide and deliver training in just about every town and city including Lincoln, Skegness, Peterborough, Northampton, Cambridge.


    Please get in touch to have a chat about availability in your area.


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    Adobe MasterClass Training Courses in Worcester and Worcestershire









    Who is this for?

    Online Captivate Training CourseThe course is ideal for anyone new to interactive design and elearning development and who wishes to build skills in this field. This course is also suitable for anyone with limited knowledge who wants to get a firmer understanding of the software.


    It is popular with instructional designers, educators, HR Depts, Training & Development, Content Creators to name a few.

    What will I learn?

    This is a brief overview of what you will cover on the course, the complete course content is at the bottom of the screen.


    We are always happy to create tailored Captivate Training Courses around you using your own content or adding and removed from the course overview.


    Learn how to create your elearning story by planning the project then find out how to record video and software simulations for delivery in business environments, via an LMS or over the web


    We focus on important basic bits like resolution and recording and understanding how they work then move on to the cool bits like animation and rich media.


    During your course you will:


    • Record Video /Software simulations
    • Recording Properties
    • Planning your projects
    • Importing & Editing PowerPoint Decks /Slides
    • Captivate Workspace
    • Captivate Slides /Master Slides
    • Properties & Libraries Panels
    • Designing a Responsive Project
    • Intelligent Containers /Fluid Boxes
    • Interactive Video
    • Rich Media /Sound & Vision
    • Quizzing
    • Preview & Publishing

    How to book?

    Content for the Captivate CourseBooking with us is quite straightforward. Just send us an email with your information and we will get right back to you with a number of dates for you to choose from. 


    Once you’ve done this we will send across a full confirmation of booking.


    We’ll then organise a time and date for an online meeting with your trainer (via Teams, Zoom, Google etc) to discuss the structure of the day, the content and any logistics involved.


    Contact us to find out more

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    Adobe Captivate Training Worcestershire


    Adobe Captivate Courses in Leicester - Overviews

    Captivate Recording Simulations

    Record a Software Simulation

    Recording Properties

    Recording Multiple Capture Modes

    Record Video (FMR) Recording

    Recording Screen /App

    Using the Webcam


    Captivate Workspace


    Slide Housekeeping

    Master Slides

    Working with Slide Masters

    Film Strip

    Library Panel

    Properties Panel


    Captivate Content

    Text /Text Entry /Caption Boxes

    Shapes & Objects

    Inserting Images

    Adding Objects


    Actions & Triggers

    Using Actions to Navigate

    Standard /Conditional & Shared Actions

    Buttons & Triggers

    Adding /Managing & Deleting Triggers


    Adding Quiz Slides

    Inserting quiz slides

    Editing quiz slides

    Multiple choice slides

    False / True slides

    Editing question slides

    Reporting options

    Track quiz scores

    Using LMS (Learning Management System)

    Captivate VR Projects

    Create VC Projects

    Sourcing Images

    Add Quizzes to VR Slides

    Add Recording to VR Slide

    Text /Hotspots


    Captivate Interactive Video

    Add an Interactive Video in Captivate

    Work with the Interactive Timeline

    Overlays /Bookmarks /Placeholders


    Captivate & Rich Media

    Event  /Synchronised Video

    Adding & Editing Audio

    Adding & Editing Video

    Event Videos

    Adding Event Video to TOC

    Video Event Properties Box

    Video Types /Video Timing

    Video Skins


    Captivate Responsive Design

    Create a New Responsive Project

    Intelligent Containers /Fluid Boxes

    Adding Content

    Fluid Box Content Panel

    Save as Responsive


    Templates & Master Slides

    Design a New Project Template

    Edit Templates

    Design /Edit a Theme

    Master Slide View /Filmstrip View

    Design /Edit Master Slides

    Apply Master Slides

    Captivate Interactive Video

    Adding Video

    Video Sources & Formats

    Overlay Slides

    Knowledge & Content Slides



    Captivate Timeline

    Working with the Timeline

    Working with Layers


    Setting Timings in Captivate


    Captivate Practicalities

    Work /Organise Assets

    Acquire Assets

    Asset Panel



    Publish to Computer /Devices

    Publish to LMS

    HTML5 /SWF

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