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  • Add Your Logo in Lightroom

    Posted on 18th January 2019 by Greta Powell

    Lightroom Quick Tip


    One of the features covered in the Lightroom Course is how to Add Your Logo in Lightroom easily by using the nifty little Identity Plate feature. Which, of course is absolutely perfect for anyone who records Lightroom Tutorials and video or if you showcase images to clients.



    Add Your Logo in Lightroom

    Go to Edit >Indentity Plate Setup (Windows) Lightroom >Identity Plate Setup (MAC)

    Choose Personalised from the Plate Drop Down menu


    Style your logo by choosing from one of the system fonts then typing in your details


    Click OK


    Add Your Own Logo in Lightroom


    Lightroom Quick Tip

    Prefer a graphic logo instead?


    Just click on the Grapical Identity Plate to instantly open a PNG image to Lightroom



    Press OK


    Lightroom Graphic Logo
    how do I design a logo?

    You can use Photoshop to create your logo but remember when designing for the Lightroom workspace the image should be no more than 60 pixels in height. Unfortunately Lightroom does not provide any scaling options to make the image smaller so you do need to stick with the 60px’s.


    Lightroom Training Courses

    Lightroom Courses are run onsite at your premises across the UK for individual users or larger company groups. 


    Lightroom Training



    Lightroom Training Course Reviews

    Lightroom Training Course

    Great course, I learned so much.


    Dressage Trainer /Coach


    Lightroom / Photoshop workshop.

    Hi Greta, everyone really enjoyed the day, Jane has already put her new skills into action. John and I are already making plans with Lightroom.
    Head of Photography

    St Georges Academy



    Adobe Lightroom Workshop

    Very good course.  I learnt all I needed and am confident using Lightroom now.

    Photography Lecturer (Course Leader)

    Extremly useful and a great learning opportunity where I learnt a huge amount of new tools and skills.

    Photography Lecturer 

    An entertaining and very informative day that has given insight into how Lightroom can be used.  Further practice will be needed but I now know the capability, flexibility and how effective Lightroom can be.  A very useful workshop.

    Photography Lecturer and HNC Course Organiser
    Photography & Graphics Dept, City College Coventry


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    Add Your Logo in Lightroom





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