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  • Adobe Acrobat Training Course

    Posted on 5th March 2019 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Acrobat Training Course

    Why not take a look at the new overview for the Adobe Acrobat Training Course which is now online. Run at as an Introduction to Acrobat Course you learn how to work with PDF’s documents from scratch, edit and manipulate them for both print and digital output. As with all these Adobe Courses nothing is cast in stone and you can add and remove content to build your own custom course.



    Adobe Acrobat Course
    what will you learn?

    You will learn the basics of working with Acrobat to create, edit, convert and manage PDF documents intended for both print production and digital output. Working from scratch you will create fully functioning PDF documents and will add interactive elements including video, audio and hyperlinks to the documents. 


    The Acrobat Course also covers the creation and editing of forms and their form fields for date collection although like all the Adobe Courses you can opt to cover this in more depth or substitute it for something else. The course overview is only given as a guidance and can be adapted to create a bespoke Acrobat DC Training Course.

    • Work with existing .PDF Documents
    • Create, Combine & Manipulate PDF
    • PDF Pages
    • PDF Tools
    • Add Media (video, audio, links) for Interactive PDF
    • Add, Remove & Edit Images
    • Add, Edit & Delete Bookmarks
    • Set Passwords, Document Security
    • PDF Navigation
    • PDF & Microsoft Word


    Full Acrobat Training Overview available here


    Adobe Acrobat Courses

    There are a number of Acrobat Courses available including the InDesign Interactive Course and the Advanced Acrobat Training. These are held across the UK and are hosted onsite at your premises for closed company courses or individual Acrobat Tuition. The PDF Interactive course show you how to create interactive documents and presentations in software such as InDesign and then export it out to high print quality or publish to digital devices.


    Online Adobe Acrobat Training Course /s

    For those looking to update or learn specific areas of the Acrobat software training is available as an online option delivered in 2 to 4 hour learning bites either by Skype or Webex.


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    Adobe Acrobat Training Course




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