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    Posted on 14th January 2019 by Greta Powell

    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Midlands

    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Midlands offer a range of benefits including flexibility and cost effectiveness. They are a great way to train one or more staff members at times and dates that suit your company with course content relevant to your business.


    What is InDesign?

    In InDesign you work with frames (not in all cases, but mostly) to position text and graphics on one or more pages. It can be used to create numerous documents from flyers to multi-page catalogues that are then sent out for print production or output to digital. But it is much more than that.


    If you’re an author then you can work with InDesign to design and publish your book to both print and digital destinations. You can publish your book to an ePubs format where it can published on numerous digital readers, prepare it for publication on Amazon Kindle or send it our for hard copy print.


    Need to design a business presentation by any chance?

    Yes you’ve guessed it – InDesign can help you with that too. 


    By making use of the interactive and overlays panels in InDesign you can create sharp well designed visual presentations. 


    The choices are………………………..huge! 


    What can I do with InDesign?

    You can design and publish print documents such as flyers, brochures and newsletters quickly and easily and then with the use of CC Libraries share their assets across the whole of the Creative Cloud. Depending on your level of experience you can further this by working with longer documents such as tenders, books and catalogues by making use of InDesign automative tools such as Table of Contents, Indexing and Parent (Master) pages.


    Adobe InDesign Training Courses Tutorial CC Library

    CC Libraries work closely with Adobe Capture (find our more about Adobe Capture) and the rest of the Adobe family by letting you add, store and share assets. If you’re working as part of a team then you can collaborate with colleagues across the company. 


    What are InDesign Assets?

    Assets are various types of artwork /media /video and audio that are gathered into one central panel and used in all the Adobe applications. 


    For example: work with your photos in Photoshop then add them to the CC library where they can be used in InDesign, Illustrator or even video editing software such as Premier Pro and After Effects.


    Or on the reverse side of that you could create a short video in Premier Pro, add it the library then place it into an InDesign Interactive document.


    InDesign & Interactive Documents


    InDesign also gives you the opportunity to design and publish various interactive files including PDF and ePubs. With PDF interactive documents you can add images, videos and audios then connect them elsewhere using hyperlinks and navigation buttons.


    InDesign – A little history

    InDesign came into the world on 31st of August 1999 but it origins belong with Aldus, a small company based in Seattle who created some of the first image editing and DTP software for computers. One of these peices of software was PageMaker originally released in 1985 that worked with the MAC point & click method of the time. PageMaker quickly became popular and in 1990 was considered cutting edge and advanced publishing software. 


    Then along came Adobe who bought PageMaker and made it a serious contender to QuarkXpress which was gaining ground at this time. PageMaker was eventually made redundant when Adobe released InDesign in 2000 and in time they then bundled it with Illustrator and Photoshop and the rest, as they say is history.


    Online InDesign Training Courses

    We also run Online InDesign Courses held with a live instructor in a virtual training. This means you have live contact with your trainer thoughout your course by video, audio and screen sharing in real-time.


    All our digital design courses are now available online. If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training Course please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email. 


    Find out a little more about our Online InDesign Courses


    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training

        • Because the dates and times are flexible your workplace remains productive
        • You know that all your staff’s skill-sets are on the same level because they received the same training content
        • Large amounts of staff can be trained at greatly reduced rates
        • Using a tailored InDesign Training means specific business objectives are met


    Onsite Adobe Training Courses Midlands


    Onsite InDesign Courses

    Onsite Adobe Training Courses offer flexibility that traditional courses can’t.


    More and more we’re finding a one size approach to training does not work. Onsite InDesign gives the opportunity to deliver totally flexible content and takes into account what you do in your daily work and your current level of experience with the software. 


    How does it work?

    The InDesign Trainer comes out directly to you to deliver the course at times and dates to suit you. Once you confirm your booking you will speak directly to the trainer delivering your course and identify exactly 


    Why not take a look at the testimonials page to see the varied training Greta Powell Training has provided over the years.


    InDesign Training
    what courses do you run?

    Although many of the Adobe Courses are custom built there are also set course overviews which run from Introduction through to Advanced InDesign or more specialised ones:

    InDesign ePubs Course 
    Adobe InDesign Interactive Course


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