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  • InDesign Locate Colour

    Posted on 21st August 2021 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Locate Colour

    On all the InDesign courses we look at colour in depth especially with regard to accuracy and one of the things often mentioned is how to replace one colour with another. As this pops up a lot we thought it might be a good idea to write an InDesign Locate Colour Tutorial on that very thing.

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    InDesign Training Newsletter Design

    Posted on 11th August 2021 by Greta Powell

    A couple of weeks ago we ran an online InDesign Training Newsletter Design Course for a lady who had a little experience with the software. Her objectives were quite clear she wanted to create and edit slim yet professional looking newsletters in InDesign. Having had a chat prior to the course she selected a few random samples she liked from the Web and we used them as training examples during the course.

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