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    Posted on 26th April 2019 by Greta Powell

    Snapseed – in brief

    Originally Snapseed was the creation of Nik (Nik Effects) and in 2011 was Apple’s iPad app of the year. From there Snapseed soon found a home, via a brief life on Windows (yes, it was a desktop app as well) on Android and so the story continued. So between Snapseed and Adobe’s Lightroom CC Mobile which is best? Honest answer neither, they both do a great job however Snapseed is free whereas you need an account with Adobe to use Lightroom Mobile.



    Snapseed Interface

    Snapseed lets you open one image at a time and once said image is onscreen a set of tabs open at the bottom of the screen. Styles opens by default and reveals a set of pre-defined presets you can apply to your image (filters really). The Tools tab gives you access to Snapseeds editing tools which considering its a free app are far more than comprehensive. This simple interface is a huge plus as it gives immediate access to the app for anyone editing images on a mobile device.


    Snapseed Tabs -








    Snapseed Tools

    For those with no prior experience of using Adobe then Snapseeds Tools are like the interaface good, easy to find and very effective. As with Lightroom CC Mobile it contains the tools you would expect such as the Tone Image (Contrast, Brightness, Shadows etc) but Snapseed also has some rather ‘whizzy’ features such as HDR (High Dynamic Range), Picture Expansion and Double Exposure. The only thing that really lets the app down is the lack of HSL – which lets you individually edit colours in an image. It would be great to see that in the future. The Tone Image tool can be found in the top left of the Tools screen as shown in the image below.


















    Snapseed Healing Brush

    It won’t fix everything but saying that the Healing Brush can work some miracles. The Healing Brush in Snapseed is third icon down on the left in the above image). With just a couple of swipes of your finger you can easily remove anything unwanted in the image.



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