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    Posted on 23rd April 2019 by Greta Powell

    Lightroom CC Mobile 

    An interesting question popped up recently – what image editing app do you use on your phone. To be fair there are two that I use, the Lightroom CC Mobile app and Snapseed both of which have many wonderful features.


    First things first though – 



    Lightroom CC Mobile

    Is excellent if you’re aiming for immediate social image content not only looks professional but also removes the need to edit and faff around exporting and editing images on laptops. Combined with your phone camera it gives you perfect control over those instant shots which look great but can be uploaded to your social media accounts in seconds


    Those Shots

    You can get some very good shots using your mobile phone now with some amazing controls. In fact, many mobile phones have far higher quality than camera’s way back in the day. So simply point,shoot and import your images directly into the Lightroom CC app.


    Lightroom CC Mobile Installed

    Once installed on your phone Lightroom will ask for access to your phones photos. You can then opt to import selected images or all of them at the same time. Select an image and you’re good to go with the app. As expected it gives you the ability to crop, enhance and edit your image as well as letting you use the set presets contained in the software.


    From the menu at the top right of the Lightroom screen you can choose some house keeping tasks such as saving to device, exporting or creating your own Presets (the menu can be identified by the three vertical dots – top right).


    Lightroom’s Edit Menu

    Once you’ve selected the image you’ll see all the controls at the bottom of the screen will become live. It is from here that you can complete all major edits to your images


    Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile App Editing










    In the image above you can see the Edit bar running along the bottom of the screen. In this example the blue line running underneath the ‘sun’ icon indicates this is the selected tool from where you can make adjustments to Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows.


    Adjust light

    To adjust the light in an image click the Adjust Light (shown above) icon to change the highlights and shadows in the image.


    Adjust Colour

    To give your image more colour click the Adjust Colour icon and using the Temperature slide add more warmth or cold. The Saturation slider lets you increase /decrease the depth of colour in the image. Being over enthusiastic with this particular slide can lead to over-saturation so moderation is key.


    Lightroom Tips & Tricks

    Press and hold on the image during editing and it will flick back to its original look. Release and you will be able to view the changes giving you an idea of how much the image has been edited.


    Use the Vibrance slider in Adjust Colour instead of Saturation increase the depth of the more muted shades contained in the image.


    To toggle the Info overlay simply press down on the image in the grid with two fingers – doing this on repeat will let you toggle through the various Overlay options.


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    Lightroom CC Mobile







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