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    Premiere Pro Advanced Training Derby


    Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced Training Course DerbyshireOur Premiere Pro Advanced Training Derby and across the Derbyshire region will build on your existing skills or anyone who has sat on Adobe Premiere Pro Introduction Course.


    This is available either as an onsite Premiere Pro Advanced Course hosted on your premises in Derby or across the Derbyshire region or an Online Premiere Pro training session with a live instructor.


    The course works for anyone looking to design professional footage for numerous destinations including social media, YouTube. This can also be run as a tailored Premiere Pro MasterClass course in conjunction with our Introduction to Premiere Pro Training Course.


    Read more about our Introduction to Premiere Pro Course


    Premiere Pro Advanced Training
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    The course runs for 2 days and is ideal for one to one sessions, private company groups or larger roll-outs.


    Our Onsite Premiere Pro Training Courses run UK wide and include all major cities and towns such as Coventry, Rugby, Northampton, Lincoln, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool and London.


    Please get in touch to discuss availability in your area.


    Online Premiere Pro
    Advanced Training

    Advanced Adobe Premiere Pro Training Courses onsite in Derby and Derbyshire. Online training availableThis runs as an Online Premiere Pro Advanced Training Course delivered via your computer accompanied with a live instructor. 


     You have direct live contact with your instructor throughout the whole of your course both via video and sharing screens in real time. Our courses are available via all the popular video linking software including Teams, Zoom and Google and all our digital design courses are available online. 


    If you have any questions about any of our Online Video Editing Training Courses in Premiere Pro please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email for an informal chat.


    Get in touch to find out a little more


    Onsite Premier Pro Advanced Courses

    Onsite Premiere Pro Training - Advanced Prem Pro CourseThere are a great deal of reasons for onsite training courses, the main one being the flexibility of these courses…..


    But the main ones are:


    • The training is designed completely around you and your company

    • There is no travel involved for you or your team saving you travel /overnight stays and general expenses

    • Dates and times are completely flexible and organised around your team

    • Your Premier Training Advanced course content is worked out prior to the training so everyone knows exactly what will be covered making for completely tailored training courses


    Premiere Pro Advanced Training
    what will I learn?

    Adobe Premiere Pro Training Courses - onsite and online trainingOn this course you will learn a wide range of advanced features and techniques. You will work with green screens and ultra key (Chroma Key), advanced Masking with shapes and paths. 


    Learn how LUT’s /Scopes work with colour in your footage and how you can sweeten your audio files quickly and easily by removing /adding sounds.


    We also work with sub titles, motion graphics and multi-cam footage. 


    Our Advanced Premiere Pro Courses Derby based are extremely flexible and we are happy to tailor them to your needs. Before the course runs we contact you to discuss the logistics, such as timings, course content etc and are happy to adapt it to suit your video editing skills.



    Premiere Pro Advanced Courses
    who is this for?

    The course is for anyone with existing video editing skills looking to take their footage to a professional level. Over the years we have trained designers, educators, video editors, social media producers and many more. If you are looking to give your video a professional look and sound then this Premiere Pro Advanced Course is ideal.


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    Adobe MasterClass Training Courses in Worcester and Worcestershire






    Premiere Pro Advanced Courses Derby 
    where else do you travel?

    As well as Derby and the Derbyshire region we deliver this Premiere Pro Advanced Training Course across most of the UK including Bedford, Chester, Boston, Northampton, Peterborough and Stoke on Trent. We also offer virtual online Premiere Pro Courses which are delivered by a live instructor.



    Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced Training - Overviews

    Premiere Pro Masks

    Create Mask Shapes

    Invert /Edit Masks

    Mask Paths

    Track Path


    Premiere Pro Mask Paths

    Mask Paths

    Automatic Mask Tracking

    Manual Mask Tracking

    Using the Pen Tool

    Adjustment Layers

    Blur Face /Mask Out Objects /Isolation

    Zoom Eye Transition 


    Premiere Pro Multi-Cam

    Resolution and Synchronisation

    Create Multi-Cam Source Sequence

    Audio Sequencing

    Creating New Sequences

    Multi Camera View

    Synchronising Clips

    Nesting Clips

    Settings /Enable Overlays


    Premiere Pro
    Working with Audio

    Linking /Unlinking Audio from Video

    Audio Effects

    Repairing Audio Issues

    Creating /Editing Narration

    Audio Keyframing

    Green (Blue) Screen
    Ultra Key

    Video Effects and Keying

    Ultra Key Effect /Video Effects

    Alpha Channel /Pedestal


    Premiere Pro
    Graphic Enhancement

    Working with Motion Graphic Templates

    Editing Motion Graphic Templates

    Design Motion Graphic Templates

    Importing Illustrator Graphics

    Animating Titles


    Premiere Pro Timing Effects 

    Slowing down /Speeding up Clips

    Time Remapping

    Freeze Frames

    Playing Footage Backwards

    Gradual Slowing


    Premiere Pro
    Image Sequencing

    Import Photoshop Files for Sequence

    MRI Slices /Image Stacks

    Change Sequence Settings

    Mixing Frame Rates

    Premiere Pro Colour

    Colour Correction v Colour Grade

    Master Clips Colour Correction

    Hue & Saturation /Curves

    Colour Workspace

    Creative Correction

    Working with LUT’s

    Canon /Fuji / Nikon LUTs

    Lumetri Panel


    Premiere Pro – Keying

    Track Matte Key

    Luma Key

    Alpha Adjust


    Premiere Pro Frame Rates



    Pan & Scan Video

    Time Lapsing

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