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  • Camera Raw - Hidden Sharpening View

    Camera Raw Filter?

    This was new to CC and lets access some features of Adobe Camera RAW directly from Photoshop itself but you need to be aware you can’t access everything. It can be used on all image formats and on layers. Beauty of this filter is you can access RAW at any time during your image editing not just at the opening screen. If you work with Photoshop Smart Objects you will be able make edits whilst using the filter then jump back at any time to change them.


    What is hidden Sharpening View?

    This gives you extra control over an image’s sharpening.


    Select the layer containing the image you want to sharpen. By the way if you want to return to the filter at a later point to make further edits then you need to change this current layer to a smart object which is done by right clicking the layer in question and then:


    Choose Convert to Smart Object or Filter Menu > Convert for Smart Filter


    You can move forward and open the layer in Camera Raw


    *Photoshop Quick Tip

    If you are going to work with 2 or more layers with this filter then instead of selecting just one – select all of them in the Layers panel then convert them all at once into a Smart Object.


    Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter as shown below















    Once selected from the Filter menu the Raw Filter box will open


    Go to the Detail Tab



















    Hold down Alt (Windows) Opt (MAC) when adjusting the sharpness sliders and you will get an immediate view of your sharpening edits. 


    Note by using the Mask Slider you will mask out sharpness and so get less noise during the edits












    Camera Raw Filter Benefits

    Using the Mask Slider lets you restrict the parts of the image to those sharpened and let you get to the edges of the photo and excluding flat colour areas.


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