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  • Photoshop 2019 Frame Tool

    Adobe Photoshop 2019 Frame Tool

    The Photoshop 2019 Frame Tool is great, it may not be as dramatic as many of Photoshop’s other tools. It doesn’t have the ‘oh wow’ factor of Liquify or the beauty of brushes or colour adjustments. But what it does have is ‘practical use’ factor and one that can save time. Frame tool is perfect for anyone who has an layout that never changes but frequently swops the content. For example you use the same banner sizing and layout for Facebook but change the image from time to time (all else stays the same except the image).


    Working with Frame Tool

    The Frame Tool is located in Photoshop’s Toolbox. Simply click on the Frame icon to activate the tool then draw out the frame on the document. You can then resize, rotate and use transform the same in the same way as you would any other object.


    Photoshop 2019 Frame Tool

    Page Layout Example

    In the basic page layout below you can see two frames sitting one above the other with text boxes to the right. The top frame has a bounding box around it showing that it is currently active. 

    Click on the Frame to activate it then go to the File Menu >Select Place. 


    There are two Place Options in Photoshop – 

    Place Embedded

    Place Linked


    Drag from the image source and drop into the Frame


    The Image will slip into the Frame and will automatically assume Transform Handles (Transform Tool). Framed content is automatically placed as a Smart Object which means any edits you make are non-destructive.


    Photoshop 2019 Frame Tool Layout


    Example of Image inside Frame

    Once the image is placed in the Frame a second box will appear

    Click and drag on this to position the image inside the Frame

    This will resize the image itself not the Frame

    (In the image above- the Frame itself is selected)



    Replace Content in an Existing Frame

    The whole point of Frames is that content can be updated at any time. All you need to is drag and drop an image from CC Libraries or drag the image from its source and drop it directly into the Frame. You can also drop the image directly on to the Frame layer in the Layers panel.


    Photoshop Frame Tool
    Tips and Tricks

    Convert shapes and text boxes to a Frame

    Go to the Layers Panel >Convert to Frame


    In the new Frame box name the new Frame and set width and height sizing.










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