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  • InDesign Interactive PDF Training

    InDesign Interactive PDF Training


    Adobe InDesign Interactive PDF Training CourseThis InDesign Interactive PDF Training shows how to create visually appealing and professional presented interactive .PDF documents. You learn how to create, edit and publish a wide variety of interactive files such as manuals, tenders and presentations from existing or new documents.


    This is available both onsite at your premises across the UK or as live Online Training.


    The InDesign Interactive PDF training is ideal for company groups, workshops, team roll outs and 121 sessions for anyone wanting to learn how to work with the PDF elements in the software.


    What will I learn on the InDesign Interactive PDF Training?


    Graphic Design Training Courses in the Midlands covering InDesign, Photoshop & IllustratorThis InDesign Interactive Course will show you step by step how to create and design compelling and visually effective content for the digital and social media distribution online.


    This is a trainer led course consisting of a mix of onscreen consisting of a mixture of onscreen demonstrations, discussions and hands on exercises. 


    What type of interactive documents would I create on this course?


    The type of document you might create on your InDesign Training could be an interactive presentation, an online PDF publication, visual light boxes (using object states) for image collections.


    As the course progresses you will work with a variety of different features including media (video & audio), multi state objects to create visual light-boxes, navigation elements such as buttons and hyperlinks.


    How do online InDesign Interactive PDF Training Courses work?


    Onsite InDesign Interactive PDF Training Course Midlands, Northampton, Peterborough and LincolnThis course follows exactly the same format as the onsite one. All the Online Adobe Courses are delivered with a live InDesign Instructor via video conferencing software such Zoom, Teams or WebEx as one to one sessions and company groups.


    Because this is live Online InDesign PDF training we are able to offer this on a 24 /7 basis. It can be delivered at any time of day /night or over the weekend for your convenience. Bite sized InDesign Training chunks are also available if you just need to prep on specific areas.


    You have live contact with your instructor throughout the training course and can both view their screen and share your own in real time. All the courses featured on the website are available as online training.


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    What will I learn on this InDesign Course?


    The course assumes you have knowledge of working with InDesign either from an InDesign Introduction Course or from the workplace and can be combined with our InDesign Introduction Course.


    Learn to create, edit and republish interactive files such as digital documents and interactive presentations using InDesign.  This InDesign Interactive Course shows you how to re-purpose existing documents or create documents from scratch to produce a wide variety of PDF files including corporate literature such as reports, newsletters, e-shots and brochures. The PDF training also includes forms for data collection.


    You will learn step by step how to publish effective PDF content for print and digital publications. It is a trainer led course with a multi approach of hands on exercises, discussions and examples. 


    • Create & Prepare an InDesign document for PDF Export
    • Interactive Panel
    • Add Navigation, Buttons & Hyperlinks
    • Work with Images & Image Manipulation
    • Add Video, Video Properties
    • Add Rich Media Content
    • Add Social Media Content
    • Work with Object States
    • Add Interactive Forms
    • Export & Publish Interactive Content
    • Publish Online


    Download our InDesign Interactive PDF Training Course content


    Download Here


    What are the benefits of an Onsite InDesign Interactive PDF Course?


    An in-house (onsite) InDesign PDF training course for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops.


    There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:


    • The InDesign Training is designed around you and your team

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses and also more environmentally friendly

    • It is cheaper than traditional training especially for groups as its not a set per person price

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • From the point of booking to after course support you will be in direct contact with the trainer

    • InDesign course is tailored to suit you /or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


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    InDesign & Interactive PDF’s Training, where do you travel?

    Our Adobe InDesign PDF Interactive Training is delivered UK wide including the Midlands and all major cities such as Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, London, Hereford, Preston, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Oxford, Cheltenham, Chester, Crewe



    InDesign Interactive PDF Training - Overviews

    InDesign PDF – Getting Started

    Setting Interactive Workspace

    Overview of PDF

    PDF Structure

    Understanding PDF Interactive Limitations

    InDesign Interactive Panel


    InDesign PDF Documents

    Setting up .PDF

    Pixel v Print Layout

    Print / Interactive

    Re-purposing InDesign Documents for PDF


    InDesign PDF Navigation

    Setting Hyperlinks

    Link To : Links, Destinations & Location

    Setting Link Style & Appearance


    PDF Animation

    Set Animation

    Events & Timings

    Animation Properties

    Motion Paths

    Animation Order

    Animation & Group

    InDesign Interactive PDF Buttons

    Create & Design Buttons

    Button Events

    Button Actions

    Use Images as Buttons

    Buttons & Object States


    InDesign Interactive PDF Forms

    Creating Forms

    Forms & Buttons Panel

    Object >Interactive Menu

    Adding Form Fields
    Drop Down, Lists, Text Entry
    Radio, Check, Combo etc


    InDesign PDF Interactive States

    Creating a Multi State Object

    Naming & Formatting Multi States

    Releasing & Resetting States


    InDesign Interactive PDF Rich Media – Audio

    Inserting Audio

    Concealing Audio

    Controlling Audio

    File Formats

    InDesign Interactive PDF Rich Media – Video

    Inserting Video

    Video Options

    Setting Video Controllers 


    Navigation Points

    Video from URL

    File Format


    Creating an Interactive PDF Slideshow

    Designing Slideshows

    Using Multi State Buttons

    Image Considerations

    Slideshow Navigation


    Creating an Interactive PDF Brochure

    Add Hyperlinks /Buttons to PDF Brochure

    Insert Rich Media to PDF Brochure

    Add Page Transitions

    Include Interactive PDF Form


    Export to PDF

    Export to PDF Print

    Export to PDF Interactive

    This onsite Adobe InDesign PDF training course is held across the UK including major cities and towns including Birmingham, Peterborough, Northampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Bedford, plus the North  Liverpool, Blackpool, Preston, Bradford, Hull, Newcastle on Tyne, Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate, Doncaster and all surrounding areas and counties.


    Please get in touch to discuss location and availability in your area.

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