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  • Adobe InDesign Training in Birmingham

    Adobe InDesign Training in Birmingham


    Adobe InDesign Training in Birmingham

    This Adobe InDesign Training in Birmingham is hosted onsite at your premises across Birmingham and the West Country including all towns, & cities in the surrounding areas. It is also available as an online InDesign Training session held with a live instructor.


    Being an Introduction to InDesign Course it’s ideal for those just learning desktop publishing or wishing to build on existing knowledge. It is perfect for 121 sessions, company groups and larger rollouts.


    What sort of things would I design on this Adobe InDesign Training?


    Our Beginners InDesign Training introduces you to the basic tools and features contained in the software and shows you how to create and design a range of different documents for print or digital output.


    During your course you will learn how to design and publish layouts such as flyers, booklets, menu’s, catalogues, infographics for both social media and print.


    It is perfect for private company courses, 121 sessions or larger team roll-outs. Depending on the number of people attending it takes between 1 to 2 days and is ideal for anyone looking for a private training event.


    What other Adobe Training Courses do you run?


    Onsite Adobe Training Courses in Cheshire

    This is an introduction to InDesign Course so its ideal for anyone new to the software or looking to build on basic skills and as with any of our training courses can be designed around you. 


    You can mix and matching content from any of our existing overviews or combine two or more courses for a more overall approach.



    What do our clients say about Greta Powell Training?


    Adobe MasterClass Training (InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro & Illustrator)


    “Greta’s bespoke training meant that every minute I spent with her was useful and practical. She adapted the training as we went along which meant I got to learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more and delight my own clients at the same time with visual artefacts and exceed their expectations. I’m now in the process of pulling together a marketing and engagement strategy for my business a result of this training where I was totally blocked before.


    Highly, highly recommend this hands-on training”

    Nel, Director of Creative Coaching


    View our verified reviews to find out what else they say

    Who is this for?

    Learn the basics of InDesignsOver the years we have trained delegates from most areas of business including designers, content creators, designers, content creators, marketeers, construction, educators, bid writers and clients from public & private sector businesses.


    Being an Introduction to InDesign course its ideal for anyone new to the software wanting to hit the ground running by creating, editing and publishing professional looking documents for print and web.  


    This course is also suitable for anyone with limited knowledge who wants to get a firmer understanding of the software.

    Online InDesign Training

    Online Adobe InDesign Training CoursesOur Online InDesign Courses are available on any time zone so we can offer 24 hour availability and over the weekend. 


    We run our online training sessions via the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx.


    You will have direct contact with the InDesign Trainer throughout the duration of the course via video and audio link in real time and be in contact visually and audibly throughout the whole time. 


    It’s your choice which video conferencing software you prefer.


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training. 


    Added Bonus about Online InDesign Training Courses

    An added bonus of our online courses is there’s no travel involved meaning less stress on the planet so environmentally it makes great sense.


    No fighting traffic or public transport just get up, have tea /coffee and something to eat, turn on the computer and we’ll be there ready to deliver your course.


    Online InDesign Training is also available in short bite-size sessions (2 hours /4 hours /half days) or if preferred courses can be split into two sessions over different days. We also offer weekend and night time courses for clients outside the UK time zone.

    Onsite InDesign Training

    Onsite at your premises private InDesign Courses

    Onsite InDesign Training Courses are hosted on your premises across the Birmingham and West Country.


    The training is focused entirely on you and your company requirements


    These are not generic one size fits all InDesign Courses you cover the content you need to do your job, everything is designed around you and your specific needs.


    The trainer comes directly out to you on your premises either office or home.

    There is no traveling involved for you or your colleagues saving money on expenses, overnight accommodation etc


    Prior to the training you chat with us about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge and then the course is designed around this


    Flexible dates and times to suit you

    What will I learn?

    Advanced InDesign CoursesAlthough this is an Introduction to InDesign Course the content itself is very broad and can be tailored individually to each client.


    We appreciate that our clients all have different requirements which means our first question to you is ‘What do want from your InDesign course?‘ and the answer is always different. 


    So what would you expect to gain from your training? We’ve delivered courses to so many clients over the years teaching them how to create, edit and output a wide variety of documents. As a guide these are some of the things we work with during the training.


    On this InDesign Course you would expect to create and design some of the following:


    • Marketing Materials
    • Flyers, Posters, Branded Materials
    • Manuals, Brochures and Magazines
    • Interactive Publications and Presentations
    • Tenders, Annual Reports, Financial Reports
    • POS Materials
    • Print Management
    • PDF Export (Print & Interactive)

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    Adobe MasterClass Training Courses in Worcester and Worcestershire

    Adobe InDesign Training in Birmingham - Overviews

    Meeting InDesign

    Create & Save a Document

    New Document Setup
    bleed, slug, columns, page size, presets

    Working with Templates & Existing Files

    Print, Web & Mobile Setup


    InDesign Overview

    Tools Panel

    Properties Panel

    InDesign Features


    Layers Panel

    Working with Layers

    Adding, Deleting & Shuffling Layers


    Working with Type

    Text Frames

    Placing & Threading Text

    Placing Text from MS Word

    Special Characters

    Spell Check


    InDesign & Typography

    Working with Type

    Formatting Type

    Type and the Properties Pane
    tracking, kerning, leading, indentation
    space before, space after


    InDesign Frames & Selection Tools

    Text & Graphics Frames in InDesign

    Transforming InDesign Frames

    InDesign Frame Corners


    InDesign Type Styles

    Working with and understanding Styles

    Paragraph & Character Styles

    Paragraph & Character Style Properties

    Using Autostyle & Style Packs

    Apply Multiple Styles with One Click

    Style Packs

    Using Existing Style Packs

    Creating New Style Packs

    Editing /Duplicating /Deleting Packs


    InDesign & Images

    Placing Images

    Sizing Images

    Graphic Frames

    Image Fitting


    Images & Pathfinder

    Image Links


    Inline Graphics


    InDesign Text Wrapping

    Text Wrap Properties

    Applying & Editing Text Wrap

    Text Wrap Options

    Text Wrap Outset


    InDesign & Colour

    Colour Modes
    CMYK, RGB, Spot & Process Colours
    Pantones & Colour Books

    Colour Harmony

    Adding Colour to Fill & Stroke

    Colour Pane

    Gradient & Feather Gradient Tool


    InDesign Lists

    Adding Bullets & Numbering

    Formatting Bullets & Numbering

    Styling Bullets
    horizontal & vertical spacing

    Bullets with a Character Style



    Adding /Deleting /Moving Pages

    Pages Pane /Master Pages /None

    Page Numbers

    Adding & Editing Master Pages

    Show /Hide Spreads


    CC Libraries

    Creating Libraries

    Adding & Editing Library Assets

    Sharing Libraries

    InDesign & Special Effects

    Special Effects
    blend modes, opacity

    FX Effects
    drop shadows,
    feather effects, gradients


    Preflight & Packaging 

    Preflight Panel

    Checking Document for Accuracy

    Prefight Process

    Setting Preferences for Print Agency



    InDesign Export

    • Export for PDF Print
    • Export for Interactive Print
    • Working with /Understanding PDF Presets
    • Publish Online
    • Online PDF Distribution
    • Export in Image Format
      PNG, JPEG


    InDesign Interactive

    • Interactive Panel
    • Page Transitions
    • Hyperlinks
    • Navigation Buttons


    Adobe Mobile

    • Adobe Comp
    • Adobe Capture

    We travel extensively around the UK. This Birmingham based InDesign Training Course can also be held in most areas including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire.


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