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  • Introduction to Adobe InDesign Training

    Adobe InDesign Training Coventry

    Our Adobe InDesign Training Coventry training courses are ideal for clients looking for a more private training experience. If you are looking for professional digital design training for a 121 session or company group then we can help. We run InDesign Courses in Coventry and across the whole of the Warwickshire region either onsite at your premises or online with a live instructor via Zoom, Google, Teams or Webex. 


    InDesign Training Course Coventry Warwickshire and is available as onsite training on your premises or online with a live instructorThis is an Introduction to InDesign Course which can be tailored specifically to your criteria and content. It covers creating, editing professional InDesign documents for both print and the digital output and is ideal for complete beginners or anyone wishing to brush up on their current InDesign skills.


    As well as delivering Onsite InDesign Training in the Coventry & Warwickshire region we host Onsite InDesign Courses UK wide so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can with your InDesign Training requirements.


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    Adobe InDesign Training Course
    what will I learn?

    Onsite InDesign Training Courses Midlands & UK wide. Online InDesign TrainingYou will learn how to create spreads and layouts from scratch and how to edit existing InDesign documents. We appreciate that many people inherit files from earlier times so we cover how to update and edit text and images in those documents. During the course you’ll work with a variety of different documents including flyers, newsletters, brochures, social media design and produce publications for both digital media and print.


    The course shows how to design, edit and produce professional publications and the importance of incorporating brand into your work.


    We work with colour, images and logos to make sure each InDesign document is professionally output to print by working with print press and colour management. Right from the start you will learn how to set up documents using printer marks, page setup and understand print terminology such as slug and bleed. 


    You will then set up documents using text and images to build your page content. Depending on your document criteria InDesign provides different ways to work with text and you will find out how to place, thread and manipulate text using styles and format options. 


    You will work with both photos and vector artwork during the course and learn how to precisely position images in InDesign text and also apply various text wrapping options to add design impact to the document.


    As part of the course take a very light look at Photoshop where you will learn to crop, resize, remove white backgrounds on images for use in InDesign. Finally when all content has been added, edited and enhanced and preflight checks have been completed the documents will be published to print or exported to PDF.


    A full InDesign Course content overview is available at the bottom of this page but in brief you will learn how to:


    • Create New & Edit Existing Documents
    • Work with Grids & Guides for Precise Layout
    • Work with Type 
    • Text Frame Flow
    • Paragraph & Character Formatting
    • Digital Design /PDF
    • Placing & Manipulating Images
    • Smart Layouts
    • Text Wrapping
    • Colour
    • Strokes & Fills
    • Print & PDF 


    InDesign & Photoshop

    Throughout the InDesign Course you will be working with images, shapes and various artwork to add to your publications. We take a quick dip into Photoshop and have a very quick overview of some of its basic tools and features which you may need to enhance your artwork. For example you may wish to resize an image for digital publication or perhaps crop a small part out. This is just one of the options that comes as part of our tailored Adobe training approach.


    InDesign Training CoventryOnline Adobe InDesign Training
    how does it work?

    The Online InDesign Training Course is delivered virtually to you at a time and date to suit you. We offer virtually 24 /7 online training courses, weekends, night-time (depending on your location globally) to your home, office or elsewhere.


    All of our courses including digital design, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator & Acrobat Training and our eLearning Courses, Captivate, Articulate & Camtasia are available online.


    These are live online InDesign training courses providing you with direct visual and audio communication with your trainer. Just as in an Onsite Training Course you can view the trainers screen and share your own with the trainer.


    Find out more about how our Online InDesign Training works.


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    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training
    how does it work?

    The course will be hosted by your InDesign Trainer at your premises. This could be your office, your home and is suitable for one to one sessions, small company groups or larger training sessions. All of our Onsite Adobe Training Courses are run at times and dates to suit you and your teams.


    There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    • Cost Effective – Our InDesign Course prices are hard to beat.
      No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses
    • Tailored Training – Focus is specifically on you and your company needs.
    • Dates & Times – Mutually agreed dates & times 


    Introduction to InDesign Training
    what do I need to know?

    Absolutely nothing apart from using a computer and mouse as the course assumes you are new to InDesign. You will have an informal chat with your InDesign Trainer prior to the course to establish exactly what you need to achieve from the course.


    Virtual InDesign Training


    If you are attending one of our virtual online InDesign Training Courses and are unsure about any of the aspects of video software we are happy to have a chat or send you our free video on using conferencing software shortly before the training day. The video covers all you need to know about the Online InDesign Training Course including how to log on, share the screen and use the tools.


    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training
    Coventry – Laptop Hire

    We can also supply laptops and kit hire for your Onsite InDesign Training Course. These come with the latest version of Adobe InDesign CC installed but we can supply most previous versions. Please let us know at time of booking.


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    Introduction to Adobe InDesign Training - Overviews

    Starting out with InDesign

    • Create & Save a Document
    • New Document Setup
      bleed, slug, columns, page size, presets
    • Working with Templates & Existing Files
    • Print, Web & Mobile Setup


    InDesign Overview

    • Tools Panel
    • Properties Panel
    • InDesign Features


    Layers Panel

    • Layer Pane
    • Working with Layers
    • Adding, Deleting & Shuffling Layers


    Working with Type

    • Text Frames
    • Placing & Threading Text
    • Placing Text from MS Word
    • Special Characters
    • Spell Check


    InDesign & Typography

    • Working with Type
    • Formatting Type
    • Type and the Properties Pane
      tracking, kerning, leading, indentation
      space before, space after


    InDesign Frames & Selection Tools

    • Text & Graphics Frames in InDesign
    • Transforming InDesign Frames
    • InDesign Frame Corners


    InDesign Type Styles

    • Working with and understanding Styles
    • Paragraph & Character Styles
    • Paragraph & Character Style Properties
    • Mapping Styles to External Software
      ie. MS Word

    InDesign & Images

    • Placing Images
    • Sizing Images
    • Working with Graphic Frames
    • Image & Fitting Options
    • Images & Pathfinder
    • Image Links /Embedded Images
    • Image Roundtripping
    • Inline Graphics


    InDesign & Text Wrapping

    • Text Wrap Properties
    • Applying & Editing Text Wrap
    • Text Wrap Options
    • Text Wrap Outset


    InDesign & Colour

    • Colour Modes
      CMYK, RGB, Spot & Process Colours
      Pantones & Colour Books
    • Colour Harmony
    • Adding Colour to Fill & Stroke
    • Colour Pane
    • Gradient & Feather Gradient Tool


    InDesign Lists

    • Adding Bullets & Numbering
    • Formatting Bullets & Numbering
    • Styling Bullets
      horizontal & vertical spacing
    • Bullets with a Character Style



    • Adding /Deleting /Moving Pages
    • Pages Pane /Master Pages /None
    • Page Numbers
    • Adding & Editing Master Pages


    CC Libraries

    • Creating a Library
    • Adding & Editing Library Assets
    • Sharing Libraries

    InDesign & Special Effects

    • Special Effects
      blend modes, opacity
    • FX Effects
      drop shadows, feather effects, gradients



    Preflight & Packaging 

    • Preflight Panel
    • Checking Document for Accuracy
    • Prefight Process
    • Setting Preferences for Print Agency
    • Package


    InDesign Export

    • Export for PDF Print
    • Export for Interactive Print
    • Working with /Understanding PDF Presets
    • Publish Online
    • Online PDF Distribution
    • Export in Image Format
      PNG, JPEG


    InDesign Interactive

    • Interactive Panel
    • Page Transitions
    • Hyperlinks
    • Navigation Buttons


    Working with Adobe Mobile

    • Adobe Comp
    • Adobe Capture


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