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  • Virtual Photoshop Course – Eventbrite

    Posted on 20th November 2020 by Greta Powell

    Virtual Photoshop Course – Eventbrite

    This Virtual Photoshop Course – Eventbrite follows a similar theme to our onsite Photoshop course. The only real difference is that is being hosted as a public session via Eventbrite. There are a number of different dates available but the last one for 2020 will be on the 16th December. 


    What will you learn?

    Following the Introduction to Photoshop Course outline this training will introduce to the basics of Photoshop and show you how to create content for both print and web. You will learn to select, edit and print high quality images plus produce and publish GIF’s & short video for digital output and social media.


    How much is the Virtual Photoshop Course?

    £95.00 all inclusive per person – this price is only for those booking via Eventbrite


    How long is the Photoshop Course?

    One day starting at 10.00 AM and finishing at 4.30 PM


    Book online here at Eventbrite



    How does Virtual Training Work?

    This course is run in Zoom but can also be delivered in Microsoft Teams or Google. Please get in touch to discuss the options. Basically we meet virtually and can chat, share screens and generally do the same things as on a traditional course. If booking Online Photoshop Training directly with Greta Powell then you can opt for a whole day or break the course into more manageable sessions. Actually if you take a look at our online training page you’ll probably find most of the answers you’re looking for.


    We’re also up for a phone chat at any time that’s good for you. We like phone chats.


    Virtual Photoshop Course Content – Eventbrite

    On this Virtual Course you will cover the following content.


    Book this virtual Photoshop Course here


    Beginning Photoshop
    • Create New /Open Existing Photos
    • Print /Web /Mobile Setup
    • Presets
    • Adobe Stock


    Lasso Tools – Selections
    • Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Polygon Lasso
    • Quick Select /Colour Wand
    • Inverse Selection /Threshold /Add – Subtract
    • Select & Mask /Selection Properties
    • Accurate Selection Tips & Tricks


    Photoshop Interface
    • Photoshop Workspace’s
    • Photoshop Tools /Properties
    • Photoshop Panels
    • Photoshop Menu’s
    • Photoshop Arrange
    • Photoshop Layers


    Photoshop Layers
    • Create, Edit, Delete Layers
    • Merge /Link /Duplicate Layers
    • Photoshop Adjustment Layers


    Working with Adjustment Layers
    • Creating /Editing Adjustment Layers
    • Colour & Tonal Adjustment Layers
    • Hue & Saturation
    • Curves
    • Black & White
    • Photoshop Tools


    Using Photoshop’s Tools
    • Move Tool
    • Crop Tool
    • Frame Tool
    • Brush Tool
    • Colour Sampler
    • Healing Brush
    • Clone Tool
    • Eraser
    • Fill Tool


    Photoshop Essentials
    • Fill & Stroke
    • Free Transform
    • Transform /Transform Options
    • Crop Preset /Ratio


    Photoshop Animations & Video
    • Photoshop Timeline
    • Create Frame Animation
    • Create Video Timeline
    • Add Text & Effects
    • Create a Short Video
    • Create, Edit, Export GIF’s
    • Export to Video Formats


    Image Menu
    • Image Size /Resolution
    • Dimensions /Fit ToAdjustments Menu
    • Levels /Curves /Colour Balance
    • Brightness & Contrast
    • Converting to Black & White


    Photoshop & Colour
    • Colour Modes RGB /CMYK /LAB
    • Pantones
    • Colour Sampling
    • Swatches
    • Gradients


    Photoshop & Typography
    • Creating Type
    • Editing Type
    • Character & Paragraph Type
    • Type Warp
    • Type & Graphics


    Photoshop Retouching Tools
    • Clone Stamp Tool
    • Healing Brush
    • Patch Tool
    • Content Aware Move Tool


    Photoshop Export & Publish
    • Print Output
    • Export / Export As/ Export for Web


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    Virtual Photoshop Course - Eventbrite - book via Eventbrite for only £95.00 per person






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