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  • Photoshop Brushes – Adjust Hardness Shortcut

    Posted on 8th April 2018 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop Brushes – Adjust Hardness Shortcut


    Most people know that using [ ] square brackets with the brush tool selected will make their brush size smaller or larger. However what many don’t realise is that it is very easy to change the hardness and softness of the brush using shortcut’s as well. 


    In fact read on to find out how you can add to the []’s with more shortcuts – 



    Photoshop Brushes – Shortcut Keys


















    Select a brush from the Tools Panel


    Hold down the Alt Key (Windows) Contrl + Opt Key (Mac) and right drag 


    Drag downwards for a harder brush and upwards for a softer one


    Drag left or right to increase or decrease the brush size 


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