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  • Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets

    Posted on 3rd May 2020 by Greta Powell

    Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets

    Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets are one of the more powerful ways in which Greta Powell Training is delivering live instructor online training. It has to be said Microsoft Teams has been a god send. We’re now starting to see some of the main questions delegates ask prior to booking online training with the main ones being how do I use my software in conjunction with Microsoft Teams.


    As online training is new to many we thought it might be an idea to write a series of blog posts on Microsoft Teams and the online training process covering some of the questions. We will also be recording a full Microsoft Teams tutorial which will be online in the next few days. 


    Teams is not just about chat and screen sharing it also provides a myriad of other opportunities such as……………………………………


    The ability to share files and assets with one another during the course. This is easily done by installing the Adobe CC App inside the Microsoft Teams software which is something we set up prior to the online training course. Prior to the Adobe Online Training we set up a Team adding all the delegates who will be attending the course and within that a Team Channel is added which is where the Adobe CC App will live for the duration.


    Microsoft Teams & Adobe CC App
    how to add the CC app

    The first thing you need to do is to log into your Microsoft Teams account


    • Go to the Store in the Teams sidebar and select Adobe Creative Cloud from the list
    • Select the team you want to include from the drop-down and click on Install
    • Create or select a channel to use the app in then choose which features to use Tab, Bot, Message


    What is a Channel in Microsoft Teams?

    A channel could be like to a discussion zone within a team which could cover a project, a topic or a learning module. It helps us to break down the online training into different areas and for learning is ideal to create what I call a share zone. —- which is where the Adobe App comes in. Channels are really a form of organisation.


    Where do I find the Apps Icon?

    The icon for accessing the Adobe CC App is on the bottom left of the screen – both Channels & the Apps Icon are indicated in the image below


    Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets starting screen


    Once you’ve clicked on the Apps icon the following screen pops up. Simply type Adobe in the Search box and you will be linked immediately to the app. Double click on the App, select Open or Add to Teams and follow the instructions.


    Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets the Adobe CC App in Microsoft Teams


    For those of you that prefer to watch a video on this I’ve recorded a short no frills tutorial and popped it on Youtube right here


    Microsoft Teams & Creative Cloud Assets Training

    Over the next few weeks I will be adding a number of posts to the website as reference points for your online Adobe Training Course and each one will be accompanied by a video on Youtube but of course. If you prefer please don’t hesitate to drop an email or send a message. In the meantime you can find more about the live instructor online training course here


    Or you can find out about booking a virtual online training course here


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