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    Posted on 8th September 2018 by Greta Powell

    Camtasia Course in London

    Only time for a quick post today due to a an outstanding workload at the moment. Last week saw me in both London and Lutterworth and next week I’m off to Preston, Lancashire then finally delivering a two day Illustrator Course in Nottingham. Phew. So what gives with the Camtasia Course in London recently?


    Again a tailored eLearning course for a client in Canary Wharf but apart from the lovely client it was the outstanding views. One of the great perks of this job is the travel which presents so many opportunities for mobile photo’s.


    So this is simply a post sharing a particular view from a window that not many people get the opportunity to see. I hope you forgive the short post but travelling the length and breadth of the country and visiting so many exciting clients means sometimes I don’t have the time to write the posts I’d like to.


    Training Room 26th Floor Citigroup House, Canada Wharf


















    And just before I go.


    View from the 36th Floor restaurant and still the HSBC building towers above


    Camtasia Course in London

















    Camtasia Training –
    who is it for?

    Anyone who wishes to make software recordings, PIP (webcam video) and work with video and audio to produce rich projects quickly and easily. If you need to record a software process, video yourself, edit an external video such as an MP4, work with audio then Camtasia is ideal. It can be used in many different ways, videos for new starters, health and safety explanations, eLearning projects – the list is endless.


    It’s very popular with L&D departments, trainers, HR departments, education teams, sales, marketing for example. This training is ideal for individual sessions or larger groups and can be delivered at times and dates to suit you. Please get in touch for an informal chat about how I can help you.


    Camtasia Tailored Training –
    you said!

    Good, good knowledge of Camtasia, down to earth and very approachable. Although not responsible for organsing training I would definitely recommend.


    Great training session, with good opportunities to play on the system.


    Informative and great to know about Camtasia’s capabilities. Will now impact on my own training in the future.

    Compliance Team

    VWFS (Volkswagen Financial Services)


    Thank you for visiting my site

    Don’t have a good day, have a great one


    Camtasia Course in London





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