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  • Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool

    Posted on 17th November 2022 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool

    Really feeling blessed with some of the recent tools released in Adobe Creative Cloud 2023 and none more so than Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool – what a corker! This tool lets you add dimension and depth to your designs with a couple of clicks. Maybe a better way to describe it is to say its like a weave, it lets you weave paths and shapes through one another easily and seamlessly creating beautiful overlapping effects at the same time.


    Illustrator’s Intertwine works with many features including text, primitives, 3D /2D objects even keeping effects such as drop shadows etc.


    So, how does Intertwine work?

    You can see how easy and quick it is to use Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool in the 2 minute video tutorial shown below. Yes, it is that easy to with great results. Although one criticism is it didn’t seem to work too well with the 3D tools but that might have been us being a little over enthusiastic.


    Illustrators Intertwine Tool in Action



    Add a Drop Shadow to Intertwine


    Select the object you want to add the drop shadow then:


    Go to the Appearance Panel


    Select the object you want to apply the effect to


    Go to the bottom of the Appearance Panel


    Click fx at the bottom of the panel then choose Drop Shadow from the list



    How to release Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool object?


    To remove the action from any object (path) on the Illustrator Artboard select the intertwined object


    Go to the Object Menu >Intertwine >Release or use the properties panel (Window >Properties)



    Adobe Illustrators Intertwine Tool

















    Back in the day – Pathfinder 

    The Intertwine is such a great new tool. Once upon a time to achieve these types of looks in previous versions of Adobe Illustrator you’d have to resort to using path cutting tools such as the Pathfinder. Still a great tool but Intertwine is going to make life so much easier these days.


    You can always take a look at how this type of effect was done prior to Illustrator 2023


    Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder Panel


    Adobe Illustrator Training
    Introduction Course

    We are including the Intertwine Tool in all our Illustrator Courses that are run in Creative Cloud 2023. Our Illustrator Courses are run both onsite at your premises or as Online Illustrator Training sessions at times and dates to suit you. 


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