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  • Adobe Captivate Training – Yorkshire

    Posted on 12th September 2020 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Captivate Training – Yorkshire

    Well Huddersfield in the heart of West Yorkshire to be precise. As of 24 August we are over the moon to be out and about delivering Onsite Captivate Training Courses again. What with our two day Illustrator Training Course in Nottingham earlier in the week then two days Adobe Captivate Training in Yorkshire its been a busy week. Which is great, it truly has been wonderful being back in training rooms with our delegates.


    So carrying on from the previous post a little about this weeks Captivate Course.



    Harold Wilson Statue Huddersfield Train Station

    Adobe Captivate Course Yorkshire Venue

    It would be unfair not to mention Huddersfield Train Station as a venue because it is really is a beautiful building which houses Sir Harold Wilson’s statue in the forecourt. Harold Wilson being one of Huddersfield most famous sons.


    It is also quite an historic station and for anyone interested you can find out a little more here at Huddersfield Railway


    So after wandering off-post slightly we will return to the main theme which was — – Adobe Captivate Training. 


    Online Captivate Training

    Lots of people are still working from home so this course can also be delivered as an Online Captivate Training Course with live instructor led training. It is extremely flexible training and can be delivered  as a one to one session or to a group of people. Because it is virtual online training it can be delivered literally at any time of the day at your convenience. We can provide online training in the evenings or at the weekends.


    These are not pre-recorded videos you have live interaction with your Captivate Trainer at all times during the course and be able talk directly to one another, see one another and share screens at any time. Probably the only thing you can’t do with online Captivate training is eat real biscuits and drink real tea together but otherwise everything is virtually the same as in a traditional training room. In fact we are running Online Training Sessions for all the courses featured on the website.

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    Adobe Captivate Course

    We spent two days on an Adobe Captivate Course for the TransPennine Express team based at Huddersfield Train station and had a great couple of days with them. It was an Introduction to Captivate Course but as with most of our training courses the content was tailored to the client. In this instance they were particularly interested in software simulations, responsive projects and working with SCORM compliance and LMS’s. 


    The great thing about software simulations is the way that Captivate can record systems faithfully. They can be recorded in one or more modes including Dmo for demonstration, Assessment to test user knowledge of procedures & Training to guide the user through the procedure. Once the projects had been set up quizzes were then incorporated after the software and everything was then published as a responsive design project.



    Onsite Captivate Training
    Responsive Design



    What is a Captivate Responsive Project?

    Responsive is a project which is aimed at being used on multiple devices such as smartphones (both Android & iPhones) and retain the look and feel of the original design. These projects do not support Flash and are published in HTML 5 format only. You can run the HTML checker in Captivate to make sure everything is compliant for a Captivate Responsive Project. 


    On this Adobe Captivate Course we looked at the basics and functionality of the software on day one whilst day two was spent ironing out a small project focusing on specifics. During the responsive design time we looked at fluid boxes (as shown above), 


    Responsive Projects and Positioning Objects

    When an image is imported into Captivate its width is measured as a screen size percent whilst the height is set to Auto so maintaining aspect ratio. As you change from desktop view to a device view the height doesn’t reach the entire screen due to the reduction in screen size, it shrinks down.


    The solution to this is to work with the Position Panel and manually adjust the settings as shown below. During the course we covered the best way to ‘fit’ a background image and to also position forward and back buttons in the project.


    Captivate Training Responsive Design Projects Positioning Objects


    More about Captivate Training Courses

    View the full overview for this Captivate Training Course


    None of the Adobe Training Courses are set in stone.  You can pick and choose from any of the content on the site to create your own tailored Captivate Training Course or work with us to put one together for you.


    Thank you for visiting.

    Don’t have a good day have a great one


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