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  • Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphics

    Posted on 28th August 2021 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphics


    Adobe InDesign Introduction Training ideal for beginners - one of our Creative Cloud Training CoursesIn this Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphics tutorial find out what vectors are and how they are used. Unlike raster images vector graphics are completely scalable with no loss of quality.


    Vector v Raster – what is the difference?

    The easiest way to describe these would be to say that if you were an artist for example Lau Trec then you would be working with vectors whilst if you were a photographer such as Bill Brandt then you would be working with Raster.


    In the physical world Vector would be described as art formed from a canvas using paint and brushes. Incidentally the fact that Illustrator’s workspace is called a canvas is not by mistake. And a Raster image would be anything with a pixel, a photographic image.


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