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  • Quick Start Premier Pro Course

    Posted on 19th January 2020 by Greta Powell

    Quick Start Premier Pro Course

    Happy to introduce you to the new Quick Start Premier Pro Training Course which is designed to give you the basic skills needed for video editing to create short snazzy marketing reels destined for social media and the web. This is a one day course that introduces you to the main tools & features of the software and shows you how to bring together clips to produce interesting and professional short video reels.


    Who is this Quick Start Premier Pro Training Course for?

    It is designed as an introduction course so is ideal for complete beginners and anyone looking to create & publish to social media such as vimeo, Youtube and Facebook. It is a great course for Youtubers, Course instructors, social media video editors and bloggers /vloggers needing just enough skills to produce professional video and sound.


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    Premier Pro Training Course

    Posted on 12th May 2019 by Greta Powell

    Premier Pro Training Course

    Premier Pro Training Courses - Midlands and UK Wide onsite training

    Terrific feedback from a recent Premier Pro Training Course held for one of my clients. This was an Introduction to Premier Pro course tailored around the marketing needs requested by the client at the beginning of the brief. Held over two days content was sourced from the company themselves who had generated their own videos and was then put together with various clips in Premier as a training scenario. During the training we worked with editing the sound, adding voice overs and applying transitions and PIP’s to ‘jazz’ up the video.



    Premier Pro Training Course

    Brilliant and informative training. Greta is very flexible and was able to help with all our questions. Thank you Greta
    Regional Marketing Manager

    Amazing Course, I loved every second of it. Greta is an amazing trainer and so much fun to be with. Thanks to her my confidence in yet another Adobe product has shot up. Would we use her again? 100%, again and again and again.
    Marketing Executive

    Brilliant, really brilliant training. She adapted to the aspects of the software we needed to focus on. Greta is friendly, approachable and Extremely Patient.
    Senior Marketing Manager

    Harting Ltd

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