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  • Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Midlands

    Posted on 14th January 2019 by Greta Powell

    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Midlands

    Onsite Adobe InDesign Training Midlands offer a range of benefits including flexibility and cost effectiveness. They are a great way to train one or more staff members at times and dates that suit your company with course content relevant to your business.


    What is InDesign?

    In InDesign you work with frames (not in all cases, but mostly) to position text and graphics on one or more pages. It can be used to create numerous documents from flyers to multi-page catalogues that are then sent out for print production or output to digital. But it is much more than that.


    If you’re an author then you can work with InDesign to design and publish your book to both print and digital destinations. You can publish your book to an ePubs format where it can published on numerous digital readers, prepare it for publication on Amazon Kindle or send it our for hard copy print.


    Need to design a business presentation by any chance?

    Yes you’ve guessed it – InDesign can help you with that too. 


    By making use of the interactive and overlays panels in InDesign you can create sharp well designed visual presentations. 


    The choices are………………………..huge! 

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