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  • Symmetry in Photoshop

    Posted on 23rd May 2022 by Greta Powell

    Symmetry in Photoshop

    Using the Paint Symmetry tool in Photoshop lets you create mirrored and symmetrical designs and patterns such as mandalas. Symmetry works with the brushes, eraser and pencil as well as with layer masking and there are ten symmetry tools available to use. 


    For this particular post we’ve chosen to work with the Mandala tool.


    Mandala Symmetry in Photoshop

    You can choose your own brush to work with Mandala Symmetry, we chose a chalk one for this particular example. You need to bear in mind that there are some brushes such as the Mixer brush that are incompatible with the Symmetry feature.


    How do I create a Mandala in Photoshop?


    Symmetry in Photoshop - Creating a MandalaSelect a brush from brushes on the toolbar.

    Choose a colour or pattern for the brush then click on the Symmetry tool (the butterfly icon) on the control bar and select Mandala from the list (it’s at the bottom of the menu)


    Photoshop Layers


    Once you’e decided on the segment count you create a new layer – each new Mandala design needs to be created on its on own layer then choose a brush.


    The Mandala Symmetry Tool in PhotoshopOnce selected the Mandala Symmetry box pops up as shown on the left


    You can choose up to 10 segments to work with by dragging the slider or simply typing in the amount.


    The image below has 4 segments.


    Blue lines will appear on the layer and all you need to do is paint or draw either along the lines or inside the lines. You can click and simply add single daubs or drag upwards, downwards, left and right to create your own unique pattern.


    Symmetry Segments in Photoshop

    Segments of a Mandala


    You can paint inside the selections or use the symmetry lines as points of reference but whatever you do Photoshop duplicates then mirrors the stroke across the rest of the sections.


    Resize the shape


    Once the mandala’s been created a blue transform box appears around the shape which can then be resized.

    Photoshop Symmetry Tutorial


    We have a full symmetry tutorial on the website.


    View full Photoshop Symmetry Tutorial here


    Photoshop Brushes

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    Photoshop Training


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    What is a Mandala?

    Just as a  matter of interest what exactly is a mandala? Mandala’s originate in Indian religion and actually represent the cosmos and are meant to open your mind to new dimensions unresticted by rules & regulations. They are meant to offer a doorway to greater knowledge in a spiritual way. Mandala in Sanskrit is a circle that is seen by many as a healing tool.


    Actually Wiki probably explains it much better than we can Wiki’s Description of Mandalas


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