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  • Prezi Design Training Course

    Prezi Design Training Course


    Prezi Design Training online and onsiteOn our Prezi Design Training Course learn from scratch how to create lively professional presentations. We host Prezi Courses either onsite at your premises or as online Prezi Training sessions with a live instructor.


    This is an introduction to Prezi course which will take you from scratch through the tools and features. You will learn how to use motion, zoom, and multimedia to create truly stunning professional presentations.


    What is Prezi?

    Online and Onsite Prezi Training CoursesIt is highly effective presentation software based online* which by using Zoom animations creates truly engaging visual presentation, combine this with its video capabilities and you have a very effective piece of multimedia software.


    There are a number of different packages you can choose from on the Prezi website depending on your requirements.


    *Prezi Plus users can also download and install the software to the desktop for both MAC and PC

    What are the differences between Prezi & PowerPoint?

    Prezi has something of a hub and spoke approach to visual presentations and by using its Zoom capabilities you can create the impression that it is very fluid and visual. PowerPoint on the other hand takes a more linear, slide by slide approach and it is not uncommon to work with both pieces of software together to create truly outstanding presentations.


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    Online Prezi Design Training Course

    Our Online Prezi Training Courses run with a live instructor giving you direct contact with the trainer throughout your course which is via live video, chat and screen sharing.


    The course is delivered via live video link and in all the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts.


    Online or onsite presentation coursesMany of our clients say online Prezi Courses work well for them especially on working from home days or as overnight training sessions. And of course an additional bonus is the lack of travel involved helping the environment in obvious ways. (We super love the second one)


    Our Online Prezi Courses are extremely flexible and available on a 24 /7 basis, yes weekends as well.


    Why not get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your Prezi Training


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    All of our digital design training courses are now available online. 


    Onsite Prezi Training

    Online and Onsite Presentation CoursesOnsite Prezi Training is available across UK wide – just get in touch to find out how we can help. Onsite Prezi training course for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    The training is totally focused around your company and your company needs. We are quite happy to tailor your course to your sector whether that be corporate, educational or other.


    There is no travelling involved for you or your team saving you money on travel and expenses making it much cheaper than traditional training in a centre.


    Once you have confirmed your booking with us we organise a chat between you and your trainer to discuss your aims and criteria to create a tailored Prezi course.


    We organise dates and times to suit your company schedule.


    Prezi Introduction Course
    who is it for?

    Prezi for Beginners Our Introduction to Prezi Course is designed for most people. On the course you will learn to work with the software from scratch and learn how the three main apps work to produce video, infographics and presentations quickly and easily.


    Whatever sector you work in this course can be tailored to suit you /your teams role /s.


    Over the years the course has been delivered to a wide range of delegates including marketeers, designers, content creators, educators, publishing, administration, Learning and Development, construction, finance to name a few.


    We know that every person who attends our Prezi Courses have a different outcome in mind and are quite happy to tailor course content to suit that outcome.


    What will I learn?

    On this Prezi Introduction Course we cover the three main applications of the software including Present, Design and Video. You will learn about the different tools and features included in the software and learn how to create and design dynamic eye-catching presentations. 


    In the Design App you’ll find out how to work with existing templates to generate infographics and artwork for use in your presentations and external software. We’ll also take an in-depth look at other templates, such as charts, dashboards etc and how they can be adapted for quick and easy use. 


    And of course it goes without saying that we look at all the practical tools and features involved in creating a presentation including styling text, changing background colour, editing video and importing external media.


    • Learn the three main parts of Prezi
    • Create Blank Presentations or use Existing Templates
    • Work with Colour /Text
    • Use Themes
    • Understand Prezi Topics
    • Add Charts /Graphs
    • Design Infographics /Single & Multipage
    • Add Elements
    • Insert Video
    • Record Video
    • Prepare for Presentation online or via video link


    Our full course outline can be viewed below. It is provided as a general course overview for your convenience but we’re happy to tailor it content wise to you suit you.


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    Prezi Design Training Course - Overviews

    Prezi Dashboard & Canvas

    Working with the Dashboard

    Using Templates or a Blank Prezi

    Prezi Present, Prezi Video & Prezi Design

    Working with the Prezi Canvas


    Prezi Present

    Adding /Editing Templates

    Start from Scratch /PowerPoint

    Prezi Interface

    Prezi Toolbars /Panels


    Prezi & External Files

    Importing PowerPoint Slides

    Importing Google Slides

    Insert PDF Files

    Insert Excel


    Prezi Design App

    Design from Scratch

    Work from Template

    Prezi Topics

    Prezi Sub Topics

    Planet /Stack Topics

    Prezi Design Tools

    Zoom Animations

    Prezi – Create Infographics

    Create Infographic from New

    Use Infographic Templates

    Work with Prezi Library

    Add /Remove Content

    Create Custom Size Infographic

    Upload from Computer


    Prezi Components

    Add Text, Headings, List Styles etc

    Work with Global Maps

    Add Graphics /Shapes

    Insert Integration Elements


    Prezi Video Element

    Work with Video

    Add External Video

    Upload MP4 Video’s




    Prezi Presenting

    Using Prezi Present

    Record your Presentation

    Set up Live Stream

    Present in Video Call

    Set up Camera in Meeting

    Virtual Background /Filters


    Prezi Video Recording

    Create New Recording

    Import Content

    Drag and Drop Content

    Import PowerPoint /Google Slides into Recording

    Add from Computer /from Cloud


    Delivering Prezi Presentations

    Adding Nametag

    Adding Timer


    Use External Assets (Images etc)


    Prezi Video and Import

    Importing Files from Computer

    Adding Visual Slides

    Import Additional Content

    Add Content to Slides

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