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  • Premier Pro Lumetri Panels

    Posted on 20th January 2020 by Greta Powell

    Premier Pro Lumetri Panels

    Over and over again colour is mentioned on Premier Pro Courses. On these Greta Powell Training Courses we use the Premier Pro Lumetri Panels for retouching and changing colour schemes within the video. Before even venturing into the colour panels we always clear up the difference between colour grading and colour correction. They are not one and the same thing. Colour grading means you add creative colour to your project whereas colour correction means giving balance, exposure and ‘true’ representation of colour.


    Creative & Basic Correction

    In Premier Pro’s basic tab the content is mainly colour correction related and to anyone who uses image editing software such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo most of it will look quite familar. As with those pieces of software you have a colour picker which turns colour to neutral and gives the image correct whiteeibalance. You’ll also find Saturation & Vibrance in here which again work the same (saturation gives equal colour – Vibrance adds to low saturated areas)


    It could be said that colour correction is the process by which you change colours in footage to appear as natural as possible – to make the image look real and straight out of camera whereas colour grading is more of a creative technical process where the colour looks purposely ‘altered’.


    Lumeti Curve Correction

    Using Curves in the Lumetri panel gives you the ability to give a natural looking change to the colours /brightness’s in your film. You do this by adjusting the shadows, midtones & highlights individually. The top part of the curve (see image below) adjusts the highlights, the middle (as suspected) the mids & the bottom the darks or shadows.


    Why do you get a natural look from Premier Pro Curves?

    Because Curves work on and adjust the actual brightness of all pixels contained in the photograph it means that when you make an adjustment at one level then the rest are adjusted with the shape of the line. It is really useful when learning about colour curves in any photo /video editing software to drag and move the line to watch exactly what it does. Do this and you will soon see how Premier Pro Curves work 


    What is an S bend in Premier Pro Curves?

    An S bend in any Curves panel adds to the contrast in a photograph but without affecting the brightness by dragging the curve line into an S shape. The top part of the image below shows the RGB Curves whilst the lower part shows the Hue Saturation Curves.


    Lumetri Colour Curve Panel


    Colour Wheels & Match

    The Colour Wheels & Match give you control over the Shadows, Midtones & Highlight pixels. They control the luma in a video and so Colour Wheels act as a form of secondary control. 

    Find out more about Chroma & Luma here


    The color wheels sections provides control over the Shadows, Midtones and Highlight pixels. The sliders give you control over your luma and these wheels act as secondary color controls. Instead of a heavy amount of colour these wheels add more of a tone /colour wash to the selected part of the image as opposed to changing the colour balance.


    As you can see each colour wheel controls one aspect of the three so you have complete control over the tones in the project.


    Colour Wheel & Match


    HSL Secondary

    This is a superb tool for adding precise colour. It lets you isolate a specific colour then use a secondary correction to it. HSL gives you the power of control over a particular colour without affecting the rest of the image. The secondary correction is applied to the clip immediately below the play-head’s current position.


    HSL Secondary Panel - Premier Pro Training


    Find out more about Lumetri Colour at Adobe.com


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