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  • Onsite Adobe Training Yorkshire

    Posted on 3rd December 2021 by Greta Powell

    Onsite Adobe Training Yorkshire

    We’ve not just been delivering onsite Adobe training  in Yorkshire recently. We have had a very busy month travelling around the UK delivering training courses but we have spent a lot of our time in the North.


    So we’ve been to Brigg and York both well inside beautiful Yorkshire and then crossed the border into Grimsby in Lincolnshire and zoomed back down to the Midlands to deliver a range of onsite courses including InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and Premier Pro.


    So what have we been doing with all this travelling? Some interesting and very varied stuff but we thought for this post we’d stick to Brigg in Yorkshire which is a beautiful town. Actually we like Yorkshire so much that this isn’t our first blog post about “God’s own county”.


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    Adobe Training Workshop in Brigg

    It was great to be able to return to our friends in Brigg, Yorkshire again this year. We ran the same course for them before the pandemic so it really was lovely to see everyone again at Peacock & Binnington who sell the reddest most humungus tractors ever seen. 


    The Adobe course we run in Brigg is very bespoke but with the same content each time we deliver it. A combination of Photoshop & InDesign we cover the different features of each piece of software with the aim of publishing both to print and social media.


    It was very cool to get up really close and personal with one big red tractor. You can see how close in the photo below.


    Onsite Photoshop Training in Brigg, Yorkshire

    Sky Replacement Tool in Photoshop

    Anyway just in case anyone was thinking we were just out on a jolly with our mobile phones madly clicking at huge tractors just for fun there was an actual reason. For all our onsite training courses we like to make the training as relevant to our client as possible so where possible we use their content and follow their working criteria for the training.


    One of the things the delegate wanted was to be able to brighten skies quickly and easily because as we’re all aware blue skies are not a given in the UK. Time is always high priority in any company so in this particular instance the ‘Sky Replacement’ seem an obvious solution for her.


    In this particular image the ‘Sky Replacement’ tool was used to remove a grim sky and replace it with the rather bright one above.


    This particular new tool became available in Creative Cloud 2021 and is found under Photoshop’s Edit menu.


    Skies of course can be enhanced in many other ways in Photoshop and probably to better result but if you’re looking for a super quick fix for a dull sky then Sky Replacement is fine.


    Onsite Photoshop Training Course in Yorkshire - Sky Replacement Tool

    Sky Replacement Box

    The Sky Replacement Box (shown left) offers a great selection of skies including sunsets, sunrises and moody clouds when selected. In this image blue skies is selected and you can view the various visuals from the scroll bar.


    As well as the Sky Replacement Tool we covered the basics of Photoshop including layers, adjustments, cropping and transformations.


    Social Media & Instagram Posts in Photoshop

    A fairly large part of the course was focusing on designing for social media such as Instagram and we looked at building image posts from scratch. This included setting up the post from scratch (1080 by 1080 square) then cutting out images from other photo’s, fine tuning their selections & cuts, recolouring and generally enhancing them for publishing.


    Part of a tailored Adobe Training course this Yorkshire based Photoshop Course was held about 3 weeks ago for one person over a day and we’re really happy to see their Instagram page looking good.


    View P&B Instagram Page


    None of our courses are cast in stone you can customise and adapt any of the content to suit yourself.


    To get an idea of the sort of tools and features covered on the course take a look at our Photoshop Training Course in Yorkshire overview. 


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    InDesign Training

    Part of the workshop included InDesign which in all fairness could be called an Introduction to InDesign Course but again completely tailored to P&B. In essence they need InDesign to produce their marketing and sales catalogs and brochures.


    As with all our Intro Courses we started right at the very beginning with setting up a document, saving presets and printers marks such as bleed and slug. Then very quickly we moved on to building the page structure using *grids, guides and columns etc. We worked with a wide variety of InDesigns feature including text & graphics, wrapping text & graphics and incorporating paragraph & character styles to our text. 


    One thing we looked at during the workshop was working with documents originally created in Microsoft Word and the best ways to bring them into InDesign. By the end of the training we were preflighting and packaging the documents and exporting out as PDF’s and Interactive PDF’s.


    *Just as a matter of interest there is an excellent book on working with grids for sale on Amazon called Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Mülller-Brockmann which is a great read for anyone interested in Grid Design.


    One of the delegates favourite tools was the ‘Extract from Image’ recently added to InDesign’s CC Libraries.


    What is Extract from Image?

    On their explanation page Adobe describe the Extract feature as the Adobe Capture app which is used to capture patterns, colours, brushes on your mobile phone. These in turn are then added to the CC libraries and can be used directly within Photoshop, Prem Pro, InDesign etc.


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    Adobe Capture first came to life in or around 2015 as a mobile app and was pretty awesome in that incarnation. 


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    Onsite Photoshop Training Courses in Yorkshire with Greta Powell Training.

    Extract from Image in CC Libraries

    As you can see from the above image there are three tabs in this feature. In this shot you can see that Colour Themes is selected and from the image (the red, humungus tractor again) colours can be extracted from the image to create a theme to use in the spread.


    Learn how to extract

    You need to make sure the image or shape is selected

    Choose the CC Library you want to add the asset to then click on the + button


    Select Object > Right Click > Extract from Image


    When happy with the results click ‘Save to CC Library’ and add to document the same way as with other library assets.


    Onsite Adobe Training Yorkshire

    If you would like to find our more about our Onsite Adobe Training Yorkshire or our Online Live Virtual Adobe Training Sessions please get in touch for an informal chat.


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