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  • After Effects Training Course - Video Editing Training

    Onsite Adobe After Effects Training Course

    On this onsite Adobe After Effects Training Course you will work with the basics of the software to create motion graphics. You will find out how to create and edit animations and type on this hands on course.


    Onsite After Effects
    Training Locations

    Adobe After Effects Training Course online and onsite across the UKThis course is run onsite at your premises at times and dates to suit you. Our onsite After Effects Training Courses are run UK wide.


    We have recently traveled to Cirencester, Rugby, Northampton, Huddersfield and London but we travel UK wide so please get in touch to discuss availability in your area.


    After Effects Training Course
    what will I learn?

    The course will show you how to create animations, impact intro’s, kinetic type and different types of social media reels such as Explainer videos. 


    On this Introduction to After Effects Course the following features are included. This is just a guideline of the content covered on the After Effects Course. Our full course content can be viewed at the bottom of the screen.


    Nothing is cast in stone on the training and we are happy to tailor the course around you.


    • Work with & understand the After Effects environment /Tool Box
    • Create & Edit Compositions
    • Work with Layers including Solids, Nulls, Shape & Text
    • Work with & create Kinetic Type
    • Create & Edit Keyframes
    • Work with Keyframe Assistant /Easy Ease / Easy Ease In /Easy Ease Out
    • Apply Motion Effects such as Slow Mo’
    • Create Animations /Animation Concepts
    • Work with the After Effects Timeline
    • Work with Motion Paths
    • Work with Masks
    • Work with Colour /Lumetri 
    • Audio Tools


    What is Kinetic Type?

    Find out more about Kinetic Type and how central it is to After Effects design. 


    Find out more about After Effects Kinetic Type


    What is an Explainer Video?


    These are short online marketing videos which are used to describe or explain something – for example a service or a specific product. If you take a look here on Explainer Video it will give you an idea of what they are. Once created they usually appear on a prominent part of a company website such as product pages or the home page.


    Find out more about After Effects Explainers


    Who is this course for?

    The course is perfect for anyone looking to get a firm grip on motion graphic design for either career progression, work related or personal use. It is currently used by designers, marketing, web designers, social media content creators and virtually anyone creating high impact animations and reels.


    This Adobe After Effects Introduction Course will show you the tools, features and techniques used in the software to create high impact animations. You will learn to work with both sound and visual tools to bring a professional and creative look to your animations and movies.



    Onsite After Effects Training
    what are the benefits?

    Onsite After Effects Training hosted on your premises offers a number of benefits including:


    • Reduced costs to you as Onsite After Effects Courses are cheaper than the more traditional ones 
    • There is no travelling involved for you or your teams saving travel, hotel and expenses
    • The course is focused specifically on your and your team.
    • Any of the After Effects courses can be tailored to your team.
    • From point of booking direct communication with your trainer
    • Dates and times to suit you


    Please get in touch with us to discuss availability in your area.


    Online After Effects Training

    This course is also run as a virtual Online After Effects Course with a live instructor. Throughout the training you will have direct live contact with your instructor via video, audio and sharing screens in real time.


    All of our digital design courses are now online as well as onsite. These include Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier Pro & Acrobat Training plus our eLearning Courses, Captivate, Articulate & Camtasia.


    Online After Effects Training offers great flexibility. These courses are run as virtual sessions on a 24 /7 basis including evenings and weekends running on Zoom, Teams, Google etc. 


    These are live online training courses providing you with direct visual and audio communication with your trainer. Just as in an Onsite Training Course you can view the trainers screen and share your own with the trainer.


    If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. 


    Find out more about Online Training


    Adobe After Effects Training Course Info

    This After Effects Course is ideal for 121 sessions and closed company courses. We are happy to adjust any content to suit you to create a fully tailored training event.


    How long does the course take?

    It takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training. For one person one day usually suffices but for small groups of between 4 and 6 people two days is more realistic


    Laptop Hire

    If required we can provide laptops & kit for your training course


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    After Effects Training Course - Video Editing Training - Overviews

    After Effects Introduction

    Motion Graphics – the basics

    After Effects Interface

    After Effects Workspace & Menus


    Compositions & Assets

    Creating a Composition

    Composition Settings

    Importing Assets

    Importing Footage


    After Effects & CC

    Understanding the role of Illustrator

    Understanding the role of Photoshop

    Importing Illustrator & Photoshop Files


    After Effects & Layers

    What are layers?

    Adding & Editing Keyframes to Layers

    Working with Motion Paths

    Adjusting Layers


    After Effects Layers

    Working with a Solid Layer

    Working with a Shape Layer

    Working with Adjustment Layers

    Working with Photoshop Layers


    After Effects Edits in Comps

    Adding Keyframes to Layers

    Layer Transformations

    Layer fx Effects


    After Effects Timeline

    Adding Clips to Timeline

    Positioning Clips

    Time Ruler & Current Time

    The Graph Editor (Value Graph & Speed Graph)

    Animating Vector Characters

    Using the Puppet Tool

    Creating Puppet Mesh

    Keyframing Puppet Pins


    Explainer Video
    (Character Animation)

    Importing Vector Files (eps /AI Files)

    Preparing Vectors for After Effects

    Characters & Layers

    Puppet Position Tool

    Composition v Footage

    Loop Out Expression

    Animate the Character Body

    Animate Facial Expressions


    After Effects Pen Tool

    Pen & Pen Properties

    Add /Delete /Convert Pen Tools

    Mask Feather Tool

    Tapered & Dashed Paths

    Animate a Dashed Line

    Create Custom Mask with Pen

    Tapered Strokes


    Working with Audio

    Adding Audio

    Audio Presets & Effects

    Edit Audio

    Removing Background Noise


    After Effects Masks

    Add Shape Layer

    Vector Shapes in After Effects

    After Effects Text

    Working with Text

    Text Formats

    Working with Text Presets

    Editing Text Presets


    Text Animation

    Kinetic Type

    Working with Text Layers

    Text Animation Presets

    Using Text Animators


    Motion Tracking

    Understand Motion Tracking

    Stabilising Motion

    Apply Tracking Data to another layer


    Rotoscoping in After Effects

    Separate Foreground from Background

    Animating Rotoscope Mask

    Using the Roto Brush Tool


    Working with Masks

    Creating a Mask

    Custom shape tools

    Working with the Pen Tool

    Handles and bezier curves

    Mask properties

    Onsite Premier Pro Pricing

    121 solo session £350.00 all inclusive per day

    First person on the course £300.00 all inclusive

    Second /Subsequent person the course £100.00 per person per day

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