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    Online Photoshop Training

    Social Media Graphics

    Live virtual online Photoshop Training for social media graphics is delivered directly to you via your computer. You interact with a live Photoshop Trainer and can ask questions and do everything you would on a normal training course except via the screen.


    Well nearly everything – this live interaction doesn’t apply to sharing coffee, tea and digestive.


    Are you working from home?

    If so, then the bite size chunks are ideal for anyone working from home. You can break the course up into small learning chunks, do a full day or take advantage of bite-sized pieces. One of the things you’d normally do in the office is share knowledge but when working from home its not quite so simply which is where these smaller chunks come in.


    Problems with Photoshop?

    Youtube is a great learning forum but sometimes finding specific solutions are like a needle in a haystack. If you’re having problems with Photoshop (or any other graphics software) then why not book me for a two or four hour Photoshop workshop.


    We can share screens, work and chat together on any of your Photoshop issues and get you back to work quickly


    Online Photoshop Training Courses

    Online Training Courses can be streamed directly to your devices and computers bringing an instructor live to your screen. Online training courses can be delivered to you wherever your location whether you’re home, in the office or elsewhere. They are live, run in real-time and provide both visual and audio communication with your trainer.


    Online Photoshop Training Course
    how does it work?

    This method of training is the same as having a live instructor in the room except you’re communicating via a digital connection. You will be able to do virtually everything you would in a class setting except its all done via the computer.


    • Hook into the training session live from your home, office
    • Available for between 1 to 6 people so work colleagues can attend virtual sessions.


    Find out more at Greta Powell Online Training


    Because of the flexibility of online training courses they can be delivered as full day courses or in two /four hour bite sized chunks which can also be used to cover specific features or issues quickly and easily.

    • Course flexibility
      Full day training or smaller bite sized chunks at times to suit you
    • Flexible content
      Learn what you need to when you need to
    • Interact directly with your trainer
    • Interactive messaging and chat
      Team members can attend
    • View the trainers work space
    • Training can be arranged virtually 24 /7
      including weekends & evenings


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    Online Photoshop Training
    what will I learn?

    The course can be delivered as an Introduction to Photoshop Course where you will learn the tools and techniques needed to work in Photoshop but with targeted to digital output. The type of thing you will to create will be banners, Social Media Icons, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook imagery and posts. The Photoshop Training shows you how to design and animate professional GIF’s and also to produce short marketing videos using Photoshop’s Timeline.


    It will also show you how to design and apply text effects and FX Effects to add to your imagery then output them to the Web.


    In brief you will learn how to:
    • Work with Multiple Artboards
    • Create & Edit Images
    • Work with Layers
    • Enhance & Edit Colour
    • Photoshop Tools & Panels
    • Work with Mockups & Flat Lays
      (Shadow, Perspective & Lighting)
    • Animated GIFS
    • Create Social Media Icons
    • Create /Import Vector Artwork
    • Create & Edit Video
    • Optimise Images for the Web
    • Output to Web & Social Media


    Photoshop Training
    bite sized!

    Not everyone needs a full days training. If you need to learn how to complete a certain task or troubleshoot an issue quickly then take advantage of the two or four hour bite sized online training sessions


    2 hours online training £65.00 for 121 session
    additional persons joining the course £25.00 each

    Contact Greta Powell Training for more details


    4 hours online training £110.00 for 121 session
    additional persons joining the course £20.00 each

    Contact Greta Powell Training for more details


    Online Adobe Training Courses
    per day pricing

    Graphics Training Courses

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    Photoshop Social Media £200.00     £70.00   Contact
    Photoshop Training £180.00 £50.00   Contact
    InDesign Training £180.00  £50.00   Contact
    InDesign Interactive         £200.00 £70.00   Contact
    Illustrator Training £180.00 £50.00   Contact
    Lightroom Training £180.00 £50.00   Contact
    Premier Pro Training £215.00 £70.00   Contact
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    Microsoft Publisher    £180.00 £50.00   Contact

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    Online Photoshop Training - Overviews

    Photoshop Interface

    • Tools
    • Palette overview


    Photoshop Accurate Layout

    • Grids / Guides / Rulers
    • New Grid Layout
    • Pixel settings
    • Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing


    Working with Photoshop

    • Navigating Photoshop
    • Understanding Tools & Panels
    • Path Tools for Vector Art


    Designing for Social Media

    • Creating Header Images
    • Social Media Icons & Images
    • Social Media Image Sizes
    • Vector Design
    • Creating Backgrounds
    • Banners


    Photoshop for Web

    • Image Slicing
      (for blogs, eshots, sites)
    • Slice Tool
    • Editing Slices
    • Exporting for Media

    Photoshop GIF’s

    • Timeline
    • Understanding the Timeline
    • Frame Based Animations
    • Animation Panel
    • Animation & Layers
    • Frames
    • Tweening


    Photoshop for Social Media

    • Design a Facebook header
    • Create a Twitter background image
    • Create images for WordPress background
    • Create animated adverts


    Photoshop Selection & Selection Techniques

    • Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand, *Quick Select
    • Feathering Selections
    • Expanding / Reducing Selections
    • Modifying / Transforming Selections
    • Quick Masks
    • Save / Load a Selection


    Photoshop Essential Tools

    • Transform /Free Transform Tool
    • Perspective Tool
    • Eraser / Background Eraser / Magic Eraser
    • Crop Tool / Crop Tool Option

    Photoshop Video

    • Creating Video from Stills
    • Working with mp4’s
    • SmartObjects
      (working with the Timeline)
    • Photoshop Filters
    • Photoshop RAW Filter
    • Remove Blemishes from Frames


    Photoshop Video Tools

    • Understanding Frames
    • Frame Speed
    • Frame Timing


    Photoshop Exporting

    • Exporting File Formats
    • Export with H.264 codec
      (along with the HD 1080p 25)
    • Export to GIF
    Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training Pricing
    Online Photoshop Training for Social Media Graphics


    Online Photoshop Training for Social Media Graphics is ideal for individuals /groups working from home or in the office. If you need further help or would like an informal chat about how you would like your Photoshop Training Course delivered please give Greta a call on 07889 761 241 for an informal chat.



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