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    Posted on 12th February 2018 by Greta Powell

    Design & Typography – A brief history


    Type is possibly the most beautiful thing about a spread. It’s the element that defines the document in so many ways. Its not often on the Greta Powell blog that I post from external sources but I felt this was an article about type worth sharing.


    Text is never simply text—typography, or the way type is arranged on a layout, has a huge influence over the visual impact of a message, setting the tone and mood for the reader. Type design has a long and fascinating history, and the digital fonts we use today often have incredible origin stories. “

    Grace Fussell



    Here we’ll explore a brief history of type and typography, starting with the early serifs engraved on the monuments of Ancient Rome, learning a little about the printing press revolution of the Middle Ages, and looking at the huge impact of 20th Century Modernism and the digital age on typography as we know it today. 


    The full article can be found here at Typography by Grace Fussell





















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