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    Posted on 14th May 2022 by Greta Powell

    Creative Cloud Express Course


    Creative Cloud Courses online & onsite 24 /7 online trainingBlimey it seems no sooner we post something these days than an update appears and consequently we need to update the post. Over the last few days Adobe have now released some new features for CC Express including new social scheduling capabilities called Content Scheduler which is included in our Creative Cloud Express Course. Originally known as ContentCal a little bit of background info can be found here it makes short work of scheduling your posts.


    Not so much the pretty side of CC Express Content Scheduler works in the background and as its original ContentCal name suggests works as a content marketing solution by automating posting to your social media channels. It lets you schedule, preview and publish to multiple social destinations.


    And another CC Express Update – new Beta

    Just a quick update on CC Express, early June saw a change to CC Express in the release of a new beta version. Apart from the new and slicker interface the main update is its inclusion of Adobe Firefly which is giving it gives everyone access to AI artwork. 


    Read More about CC Express Beta


    Adobe Firefly

    *FIrefly can also be found in the Beta version of Photoshop with its new generative fill, a type to text tool. You type in the image keywords and voila a ‘relevant’ image appears like magic. Lots of potential there. For anyone worried about potential copyright issues at this moment in time all images are from Adobe Stock.


    The new geneative fill tool bar in Adobe Photoshop Beta.


    Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Toolbar. 



    Read More about Adobe Firefly


    And back to the original post
    Adobe CC Express Scheduler

    Creative Cloud Express Course - Connect to Social Media with CC Express SchedulerCC Express Scheduler


    The Scheduler lets you add social media accounts very quickly and easily as you can see from the connections image on the left hand side.


    As you might guess it allows you to link very quickly to Twitter, Instagram and FB. Once done you can post either immediately or schedule the date and times in Creative Express’s calendar section. Quite impressed with this particular features, although to be honest we only have it linked through to Twitter & Instagram at the moment. It does let you link to your Facebook business page as well but currently we can’t see how it links to other social media channels.


    Creative Cloud Express Course but what is it from Greta Powell TrainingCC Express New Post


    Once the accounts are set up its a simple matter of creating new posts and adding any Media, Captions or Descriptions to the post.


    On the right hand side of the New Post box you then add the schedule for times and dates.


    View CC Express Tutorial


    What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

    If you’re currently using Canva then you’ll find the switch to Creative Cloud Express is not massive. All the usual tools are there, plus much more but this is Canva on rocket fuel, lots of rocket fuel. It was previously known as Adobe Spark and is quick and highly adaptable app for creating rich multimedia content built on existing templates or create a design from scratch.


    CC Express is a template driven app which lets you create social media graphics, responsive web pages, portfolio pages. You can add video and audio which include animations, background music and voice narration (ideal for training and education projects). CC Express also has the added advantage of letting you work with one click branding by letting you upload logos, choose brand colours, fonts and names the set all this as your own default brand which is automatically applied to new projects.


    Adobe Creative Cloud Express & Responsive Webpages

    CC Express also provides the opportunity to create one off web pages which are hosted on Adobes servers and can also be shared. These are absolutely ideal for quick one off projects such as blogs, portfolios and galleries. Some people use them as a showcase for individual products or special offers. 


    Creative Cloud Express Quick Actions

    Quick Actions do exactly what they sound like – they act quick. OK, that was a bad pun. So as can be seen in the CC Express video below the Quick Action section gives you access to editing tools for Video, Images and PDF which is new as of March 2022.


    For arguments sake if you wanted to remove a background from an image then this would be place to do it. Click on the image tab then simply drag & drop your image onto the Remove Background box and wait for CC Express to work its magic. It really is as quick as that and to be fair not a bad result at all.


    Remove Background in CC Express


    If you’re not content with removing the background from images then you can then click the Customise Button and enter Creative Cloud Express’s image editing section where you can edit the cutout itself by erasing and restoring different parts of the image.


    This area also offers a huge amount of special effects including Filters, Blur, Colour and Transparency to name a few.



    Creative Cloud Express Course - What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express? Social Media Graphics Training

    Online CC Express Training

    This is also available as an Online CC Express Course with a virtual live instructor. You have direct live contact with your instructor throughout the whole of your course both via video and sharing screens in real time. All our digital design courses are available online. 


    An added bonus of Online Creative Express Training Courses is that there is no travel involved by anyone which means a little less impact on the planet. It’s also great for those working from home days wherever you are, the UK, the US. The Online CC Courses are also available on a 24 /7 basis and can be run overnight or at weekends.


    Onsite CC Express Training

    With our Onsite CC Express Courses the trainer comes directly out to your premises to deliver the training. Prior to the training session we organise either a chat or video call to discuss both the days agenda and content.


    But the main benefits of Onsite Training are:


    • This type of training is totally company focused because the training is organised around your requirements at times and dates to suit. 
    • It is, without doubt much more cost effective than traditional classroom based training
    • You, as a business define the course around your company so you know the content works for you.


    Download our CC EXpress Course Overview


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