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    Photoshop for Social Media Graphics Training


    Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training Course - onsite across the UK, Midlands & LeicestershireThe Photoshop for social media graphics training courses are run hosted onsite at your premises across Derbyshire or as Online Photoshop Training sessions with a live instructor. Our onsite Photoshop Training Courses are held countrywide across the UK including the Midlands, all major cities and their surrounding areas. 


    The course focuses on creating promotional material for social media output including posts and graphics created for sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It is an ideal course for marketing departments but anyone looking towards online marketing will benefit from this. If you are using software such as Canva then this course will give you much more control over the look and feel of your campaigns and visual online projects.


    During this Photoshop for Social Media Graphics training you will learn how to create static images such as banners, Instagram images, animated images and work with video. The course leads you step by step through each area using a hands on approach.


    We do supply all graphics and exercise files but please feel free to bring your own brand assets to the course. As with all our digital design training courses we always start with a chat about your aims and projects going forwards so the training can be molded to your work.


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    Ideal for working with social media and combining with the Adobe Photoshop for Social Media Graphics Training is the Adobe CC Express Course.

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    Photoshop for Social Media Graphics Training
    who should attend?

    Because this course is designed for complete beginners or those wishing to build on existing skills this Photoshop Training is absolutely ideal for individuals and small companies looking to train a group of employees in Photoshop. It has been created for anyone who wishes to create, design and publish social media graphics, short videos & animations.


    Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training Course - Greta Powell Training


    A typical Multiple Artboard setup from a recent Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training Course


    Photoshop Social Media Graphics

    Adobe Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training Course - Online & OnsiteThis Photoshop Course will show you the basics of the software, the tools and techniques needed to work in Photoshop but with all the content is targeted to around digital output. You will be learning how to create a variety of different social media images and also learn how to design and animate professional GIF’s and produce short marketing videos using Photoshop’s Timeline.


    During the Photoshop session find out to use Typography to produce gripping headings, sub heads and paragraph text and learn when to apply type styles such as serif, sans serif and slab serifs. It also shows you how to use many of the character /paragraph formatting options to control things such as space after, tracking, leading and kerning to give text a professional edge. The training also shows you how to apply lighting effects and FX effects to give your images extra pop for web output.


    In brief you will learn how to:


    • Work with Multiple Artboards
    • Create & Edit Images
    • Work with Layers /Artboards /Multiple Artboards
    • Enhance & Edit Colour
    • Photoshop Tools & Panels
    • FX Effects
    • (Shadow, Perspective & Lighting)
    • Animated GIFs
    • Creating & Editing Video
    • Create Social Media Icons
    • Create /Import Vector Artwork
    • Create & Edit Video /Animations
    • Optimise Images for the Web
    • Output to Web & Social Media


    Online Photoshop Social Media Graphics Training

    This is available as an Online Photoshop Course with a virtual live instructor. You will have direct live contact with your instructor throughout the whole of your course both via video and sharing screens in real time. All our digital design courses are available online. 


    If you have any questions about Online Adobe Training please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email. 


    Find out more about Online Training


    Onsite Photoshop Courses
    what are the benefits?

    An onsite Photoshop training course for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • Prior to the training you chat with us about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • This Photoshop course can be tailored to suit you or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Photoshop for Social Media Graphics Training Derbyshire
    where do you visit?

    This Photoshop for Social Media Graphics Training can be run onsite at your premises throughout the UK including the Midlands, Leicester, Ashby de la Zouch, Coalville, Melton Mowbray, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford, Worcester, Liverpool, Rugby, London, Peterborough, Rutland, Milton Keynes.


    What about availability?

    Because these are online/ onsite Photoshop Training Courses they are completely flexible and can be organised to fit in with your diary.


    Thank you for dropping by.

    Don’t have a good day – have a great one


    Adobe Photoshop Web Graphics Training Courses held onsite across the UK


    Photoshop Introduction Course - Overviews

    Beginning Photoshop

    Overview of Photoshop for Social Media Graphics

    Chat about Photoshop & Brand


    Photoshop Setup for Social Media

    Setting Up Projects

    Social Media Destinations /Sizes

    Your Social Media Aims

    Stock Images /Image Banks

    Working with Artboards

    Frame Tool

    Photoshop Presets & Time Savers


    Photoshop Artboards

    Creating Artboards

    Adding /Removing /Positioning Artboards

    Artboard Properties 

    Artboard Presets /Custom Presets

    Artboards & Layers


    Photoshop & Vectors

    Adding Vector Shapes

    Editing & Customising Vector Shapes

    Using Pen Tool for Vector Art

    Stoking & Filling Vector Shapes
    (Fill Colour, Gradient, Texture & Patterns)

    Opacity & Blends

    Creating, Designing & Editing Social Media Icons

    Photoshop for Social Media

    Design & Design for Facebook

    Create & Design for Twitter

    Create & Design for Instagram

    Create & Design for WordPress & Blogs

    Create & Design Animations


    Photoshop & Animation

    Frame Based Animation

    Animation & Layers

    Animation Properties

    (Position, Opacity & Effects)

    Tween With


    Photoshop Timeline


    Understanding the Timeline

    Timeline Positioning

    Onion Skinning /Settings

    Multi Layer Animations


    Photoshop Accurate Layout

    Grids / Guides / Rulers

    New Grid Layout

    Pixel settings

    Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork Size

    Photoshop & Video

    Create Video Timeline

    Video Formats

    (working with the Timeline)

    Converting Layers to SmartObjects

    Opening & Combining Multiple Clips

    Working with Video Groups


    Photoshop Video Tools

    Understanding Frames

    Frame Speed

    Frame Timing

    Trimming & Transforming

    Fades & Transitions


    Photoshop & Keyframes

    Understanding Keyframes

    Adding /Deleting /Moving Keyframes

    Working with Keyframe Properties

    Keyframe Animation

    Keyframe Interpolation /Tweening


    Photoshop Exporting

    Rendering Video

    Export with H.264 codec
    (along with the HD 1080p 25)

    MP4 etc

    Export to GI

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