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  • Why Choose Camtasia?

    Posted on 20th June 2024 by Greta Powell

    Why Choose Camtasia?


    So why choose Camtasia? Well to be fair our first go to with any video project is usually Premiere Pro or After Effects but recently we seem to have had an influx of Camtasia Training bookings. So we thought it might be useful to write a quick piece about why Camtasia is so very popular.


    Who uses Camtasia?


    Camtasia Training for Beginners

    As you would expect L&D teams are our most regular clients but these are closely followed by…..


    Educators in General & Corporate Trainers who use it to create instructional videos, online courses, and video lectures. Corporate trainers also use it to develop training materials /tutorials for their company. An additional bonus for them is that Camtasia comes with a small quizzing section they can use to monitor delegate progress.


    Content Creators use it for video content, how to’s and tutorials.


    Online Course Trainers use it to build large training resources for online platforms like Udemy or Cademy.


    Overall, Camtasia’s versatility and ease of use make it a go-to tool for anyone needing to create high-quality video content, regardless of their industry or specific use case.


    Why Camtasia and not Premiere Pro?

    The straightforward answer to that probably Premiere Pro is a little overkill when all you really want to do is make a screen recording and add some overlays and titles. Also as opposed to Camtasia Premiere Pro does have a much steeper learning curve whereas Camtasia is much simpler to learn.


    Camtasia Training Courses online and onsiteHigh Quality Recording


    Camtasia provides high quality, easy screen video recordings which makes it perfect for creating software demonstrations, product displays and online training courses. When you start recording in Camtasia you can choose to record custom regions (selective parts of your screen) specific windows or the whole screen.


    Built-In Editing Tools


    It comes with a range of easy to use video tools which let you combine multiple tracks, trim tracks and split them. One of its greatest strengths lies with its huge choice of effects, annotations and titles which can easily be dragged and dropped onto the timeline to create highly visual video projects.


    Oh and once you get fed up with the existing artwork in Camtasia there is still loads more to download from the Techsmith website.


    User Friendly Look & Feel


    Another reason for its popularity is the easy to work with interface which is really intuitive to use. In most instances all you need to do is drag and drop elements onto the timeline and make some minor adjustments.


    Multi-Track Timeline


    The timeline works very similarly to layers in other software. You can add audio, images, video footage and text titles to your project and adjust their speed and position quickly and easily on this multi-level timeline.


    Audio Features


    Camtasia also gives you control over your audio and you can import audio files or create voice-overs directly in the software. There are a range of sound tools you can use including audio levels, background sound and noise removal.


    Find out a little about Techsmith Audiate


    Camtasia and External Software


    Online Camtasia Training CourseCamtasia works well with other software including PowerPoint where it actually adds an extra Camtasia Tab to the Ribbon.


    Which means it’s brilliant when you need to import slides or enhance presentations with some video footage.


    Exporting Camtasia Footage


    Camtasia lets you share directly to external platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and LMS’s (Learning Management System) for publishing content out. It also offers a large range of export formats and offers presets for the most well known devices and platforms.


    Why Choose Camtasia for your video projects?


    Because if you don’t want to get dragged into a long learning curve with software such as Premiere Pro /After Effects and just want to create professional, elegant video recordings which can be shared with others, uploaded to the server easily and are a pleasure to create.


    So why not take a look at one of our Camtasia Courses here.


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