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    Adobe InDesign Intermediate Course Hereford


    Adobe InDesign Intermediate Training in Hereford and HerefordshireOur Adobe InDesign Intermediate Course Hereford bridges the gap between the InDesign Introduction and Advanced Courses. It builds on existing skills and current knowledge by introducing more in-depth methods and techniques to work professionally within InDesign.


    As with all the Adobe Creative Cloud training courses this is available both as onsite training delivered on your premises or as an Online InDesign Course. Our Onsite InDesign Training Courses and as well as Hereford and the Herefordshire region are hosted on your premises across the UK .


    It is ideal for company groups, larger team roll-outs and private individual (121) tuition


    Online Adobe InDesign Training
    how does it work?

    Online InDesign Intermediate Training Sessions with live trainersThis is also available as an Online InDesign Training Course with live instructor led training that can be delivered as a one to one session or to a group of people. Because it is virtual online training it can be delivered literally at any time of the day at your convenience. 


    This Online InDesign Course also runs virtually with a live instructor whom you’ll have direct contact with throughout the course via video, audio and screen sharing in real time.


    These courses are delivered in all popular video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx and Google.


    All our Online Creative Cloud courses are available online and can be run on a 24 /7 basis. If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training Course please don’t hesitate get in touch with us to find out more.


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    Online InDesign Training is environmentally friendlyMany of our clients say our Creative Cloud courses work well for them especially on working from home days or during ‘unsociable’ hours.


    An added bonus of Online InDesign Training Courses and, one we love here at Greta Powell Training is that there is no travelling involved which means a little less abusive impact on the planet. It’s also accessible from wherever you are on the planet, the UK, US or Europe.


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    Adobe InDesign Intermediate Course
    what will you learn?

    Adobe InDesign Intermediate Training Courses onsite in Hereford or virtually onlineThis course bridges the gap between print and digital output and is perfect for anyone looking to create, design and publish documents in both areas. You will learn to multi-purpose documents for multiple destinations and create interactive documents and presentations.


    Long Document Handling in InDesign

    Learn to work with long complex documents relying on content from multiple InDesign files. By using InDesigns Book Panel you will incorporate all related files to update and restyle documents, text, page numbering, colours etc with one click of the mouse.


    Bullets and Numbering

    Work with Bullets & Numbering to create unique bullet styles then find out how multi-level bulleted /numbered lists across book documents work. It’s a fascinating process to be honest especially when you work with multiple TOC’s across multiple book documents. All of which can be applied with just a few mouse clicks. It is much easier than it sounds – we promise.


    Images in InDesign

    Use advanced graphic techniques such as clipping paths and alpha channels originally built in Photoshop and learn how round-trip between the two applications to edit images instantly. At the same time you’ll find out how to work with more complex text wrapping techniques and take an in-depth look at the Pathfinder panel to create novel, unique shapes for your images..


    InDesign CC Libraries

    This InDesign Intermediate Training Course looks at collaboration with the using and sharing of Adobes CC Libraries then use them to manage design assets such as colour, images, text and even whole layouts.


    InDesign Interactive Documents & Forms

    The course also covers the gathering of data using Interactive PDF forms and shows how to create high impact Interactive PDF documents containing hyperlinks, bookmarks & media such as video and audio.


    Microsoft Office and InDesign

    Office is used more and more frequently with InDesign. We show best practice of importing and flowing Word documents into InDesign using style mapping to style Word Text instantly in InDesign and incorporating up-datable Excel spreadsheets into the documents.


    • Work with Advanced Text Handling /Text Flows
    • Working with Long Documents
    • Book Panel 
    • Importing & Mapping Text /Styles from Microsoft Word
    • Importing & Linking to Excel Spreadsheets
    • Handling Complex Images (Complex Text Wraps, Linking and Updating)
    • Creative Cloud Libraries
    • Document Grids & Baseline Grid
    • Working with Spreads (Spread Pages, Multiple Page Setup)
    • Create an InDesign Interactive Document
    • Create an Interactive PDF
    • Create a PDF Form
    • Form Field Properties
    • Package, PDF & Export 


    Onsite InDesign Training
    how does it work?

    InDesign Intermediate Training held onsite in HerefordshireThe trainer comes out to deliver the course on your premises at times and dates to suit you.


    We are happy to design the training around your content or you can pick and mix from any of the Adobe Courses on the site to create your own totally bespoke Adobe Training session.


    You benefit from a more personal approach to your InDesign training which targets your exact needs not a generic one size fits all course.


    • Totally flexible dates and times
    • Custom InDesign training content
    • No additional costs such as staff travel & expenses
    • Direct contact with the InDesign Trainer from start to finish


    InDesign Testimonials

    InDesign Tailored /Interactive Training

    Excellent training session organised to update current skills. Learnt a lot of new tricks and cannot wait to apply them.

    Design & PR Team

    Chesterfield Borough Council


    InDesign Bespoke Training

    An excellent and enjoyable days training on Adobe InDesign with Greta – who was more than happy to tailor the day specifically to my needs, as the sole user within a very small organisation with other roles to fulfil. Greta has boundless knowledge and enthusiasm for the package and above all lots of patience!

    I would highly recommend her.

    Jane Hagreen – Fundraising Manager, Coping with Cancer, Leicester


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    Adobe InDesign Training Leicester






    Adobe InDesign Intermediate Course Hereford

    We visit all towns and areas in Herefordshire including the incredible Hay on Wye (yes we don’t just love InDesign, we also books) Ross on Wye, Ledbury, Leominster, Pembridge.


    Adobe InDesign Training Course - Overviews

    Advanced Text Handling

    Paragraph & Character Styles

    Advanced Text Flow

    Flowing Text from Frame to Frame

    Flowing Text through Page Frames

    Controlling Text Flow

    Set Text Frame Options


    Handling Long Documents

    Creating & Editing Master Pages

    Master Page Properties

    Linking Master Page Elements

    Footnotes / Endnotes

    Table of Contents

    Importing data from Excel & Word


    Tables in InDesign

    Creating Tables

    Working with Table Grid

    Formatting Table’s

    Creating Table Styles

    Creating Repeat Table Styles

    Importing Tables
    From Excel & Word


    Advanced Image Handling

    Importing Images

    Working with Clipping Paths

    Working with Alpha Channels

    User Edited Paths

    Text Formatting

    Baseline Grid

    Align to Baseline Grid

    Working with Type

    Advanced Styling Techniques

    Using & Working with Glyphs


    Interactive PDFs

    InDesign PDF Interactive Documents

    Create & Edit Buttons

    Create & Edit Hyperlinks

    Page Transitions

    Insert Media /Video /Audio

    Export & Run Interactive PDF’s


    InDesign Interactive Form

    Adding a Form

    Adding Form Controls

    Formatting Entry Fields

    Adding Actions

    Understanding Events

    Publishing Forms



    InDesign & Image Linking

    Understanding Linked Images

    Embedding Images

    Relinking Images

    Working with Links Panel

    Image Properties


    Creative Cloud Libraries

    Creative Cloud Interactivity

    Working with CC Libraries

    Using Multiple CC Libraries

    Collaborate using Libraries

    Sharing Assets using CC Libraries


    InDesign Book Panel

    Creating a Book

    Adding /Removing Files to Book

    Working with Book Menu

    Synchronising Book Files

    Book Files & Page Numbering

    Book Files & TOC’s

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