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  • Adobe Acrobat Pro Beginners Course in the Midlands

    Adobe Acrobat Pro Beginners Course Midlands


    Adobe Acrobat Pro Training Course online & onsite Adobe CoursesThis Adobe Acrobat Pro Beginners Course Midlands based training is hosted at your premises. It can be hosted either onsite at your premises or as virtual online Acrobat Training with a live instructor.


    This beginners Adobe Acrobat Pro training course provides the fundamental knowledge that your staff need to get started producing and editing professional PDFs for business. On this introductory course they will learn how to produce interactive PDF documents, create long documents from multiple PDFs, create PDF forms, how to protect essential and sensitive business documents and much more.


    What is Adobe Acrobat used for?


    Acrobat Pro is used widely across most areas of business including digital publishing, administration, online documentation, interactive forms and document distribution and with this version PDF documents can be edited and synced on the fly using smartphones and tablets. 

    Adobe Acrobat Pro Training Course - Introduction TrainingDocuments created in MS Word or Adobe InDesign can be exported to Adobe Acrobat in .PDF format.


    PDF format is extremely popular because it can be viewed on any platform or browser and its collaboration and security features work extremely well in PDF.


    Who is the Adobe Acrobat training for?


    This Adobe Acrobat DC Training is designed for individual sessions or company groups. It is available as both onsite training held at your premises and as virtual live online Acrobat sessions. These are all held at times and dates to suit you.


    The course is perfect for anyone want to work with PDF documents with basic interactive capabilities and the need for security & document control. 


    Other popular PDF Courses


    One of the most popular PDF training courses at the moment is our InDesign Interactive Course which shows you how to create rich interactive PDF’s directly inside InDesign. These contain hyperlinks to external sites and internal files and include rich media such as video and audio. You can then choose how to export them using Adobe’s share or your own methods.


    Find out more about our InDesign Interactive Training Course

    What will you learn on this Acrobat Pro Course?


    Adobe Courses and Acrobat TrainingOn the course you will learn how to create, edit, convert and manage PDF’s for both print and digital output. This Acrobat Introduction Course starts at ground level and shows you how to create PDF’s from scratch and also from other software such as Microsoft Word.


    Once converted you will then find out how to add interactive elements such as rich media and create basic forms for data collection. Like all the Adobe Course this training has a flexible approach so the outline is only given as a guideline, you can add and remove content to create your own unique training course.


    Full Acrobat Course content below but in brief you will learn how to:


        • Work with existing .PDF Documents
        • Create, Combine & Manipulate PDF’s
        • PDF Pages
        • PDF Tools
        • Add, Remove & Edit Images
        • Add Hyperlinks
        • Add, Edit & Delete Bookmarks
        • Set Passwords, Document Security
        • PDF Navigation
        • PDF & Microsoft Word


    What are the benefits of Online Adobe Acrobat Courses?


        • From the very first point of contact the Acrobat Course is about you and your company
        • There is no travelling for you or your team saving travel, hotel and any additional expenses
        • It is cheaper than traditional training – you are paying for the trainer directly
        • Nothing about this Acrobat Training is generic, it is designed totally around you
        • Prior to the Acrobat Course we chat to discuss your aims, content preferences & knowledge
        • The Acrobat Course is tailored to suit you and your team
        • Flexible dates & times to suit you with full lifetime support post Acrobat Course


    Online Acrobat Training


    Adobe Creative Cloud Training CoursesOur Online InDesign Courses are available on any time zone so we can offer 24 hour availability and over the weekend. 


    We run our online training sessions via the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx.


    You will have direct contact with the InDesign Trainer throughout the duration of the course via video and audio link in real time and be in contact visually and audibly throughout the whole time. 


    It’s your choice which video conferencing software you prefer.


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training. 


    Added Bonus about Online InDesign Training Courses

    Onsite training courses for Adobe Acrobat.An added bonus of our online courses is there’s no travel involved meaning less stress on the planet so environmentally it makes great sense.


    No fighting traffic or public transport just get up, have tea /coffee and something to eat, turn on the computer and we’ll be there ready to deliver your course.


    Online InDesign Training is also available in short bite-size sessions (2 hours /4 hours /half days) or if preferred courses can be split into two sessions over different days. We also offer weekend and night time courses for clients outside the UK time zone.


    So please get in touch to discuss our ‘out of hours’ training courses.


    Find out more about the Online InDesign Training


    Don’t have a good day, have a great one


    Adobe MasterClass Training Courses in Worcester and Worcestershire

    Adobe Acrobat Pro Beginners Course in the Midlands - Overviews

    Introduction to Acrobat DC

    What is PDF

    What is DC / Document Cloud


    Acrobat Environment

    Acrobat Toolbar

    Acrobat Panels

    Tools Tab

    Home Tab



    Working with PDF’s

    Creating PDF’s from various sources

    Combining PDF’s

    Collating PDF’s

    Searching PDF’s


    The Acrobat Environment

    Navigating PDF documents

    Viewing modes

    Customising the toolbar

    Using the Tools panel

    Editing PDF’s

    Adding Text

    Formatting Existing Text

    Understanding Font Embedding


    PDF Objects

    Manipulating Objects

    Rotating Objects

    Repositioning Objects


    PDF & Scanned Documents

    Understanding Scanning


    Working with Scanned Documents


    PDF & Images

    Adding Images

    Replacing Images

    Manipuating Images


    PDF & Microsoft Word

    Importing Bookmarks from Word

    Adding & Setting Bookmarks

    Bookmark Levels

    PDF Pages

    Organise Pages

    Insert, Extract, Delete, Rotate Pages

    Page Templates


    PDF & Rich Media

    Inserting Video

    Inserting Audio

    Manipulating Media


    PDF & Interactivity

    Creating Hyperlinks

    Different Hyperlinks

    Hyperlinks Properties


    PDF Forms

    Creating Basic Forms

    Adding Form Fields

    Form Properties


    PDF Export

    Publishing PDF’S

    PDF Standards

    DC or Document Cloud

    This Acrobat Course can be fully tailored to suit you. Please get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help with your Adobe Course requirements.

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