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  • 360° Images in Articulate

    Posted on 22nd January 2023 by Greta Powell

    360° Images in Articulate Training Course


    Over recent months one of the most popular features on our eLearning side is without doubt the 360°degree images in Articulate Training Courses. 360° Images look quite complex but are actually one of the easiest features to work with in Articulate and can be added to layers, slide masters and slides.



    Inserting 360° Images

    360° Images in Articulate Training - online and onsite eLearning Courses

    Like most external files you bring the 360° image into Articulate via the Insert Menu on the Ribbon.


    Navigate to the Insert Tab and click on the Insert 360° Image tab and pick the image you want to use from your hard drive or cloud storage.


    Double click the image to insert it into project.


    The image will come in at full size and totally fill the slide. It comes with a bounding around it which you use to resize /reposition the image.



    Articulate Training Insert Tab

    The Insert Tab on the Ribbon

    With the 360° image icon is selected.




    Articulate Training 360° Images - example of an image

    To edit the 360° image you simple click on the Edit 360° Image button in the centre of the image. You will then enter the 360° editing screen and be able to customise the image.


    Why would I use 360° Images in Articulate Projects?

    These are described as immersive experiences because they give the learner the ability to interactive with the learning. You can create so many projects with this feature including virtual tours.


    For example the image with snowy mountains was used recently on an Introduction to Articulate Training Course to show visitors what to expect on their skiing holiday.


    Using Markers we inserted video’s of the hotel and the ski run to create a virtual tour of the location then then added audio voice overs to other parts of the image to create a  show and tell scenario to their projects.


    They can also be used as interactive visits, visualisations for new starters to show locations and more.


    360° Image Options

    Articulate Training 360 Images Guided Tour

    Once inside the editing pane and after adding a marker /hotspot you can decide whether to let your learners travel around the image using either ‘free navigation’ or ‘a guided tour.


    Free navigation lets them go where they want without restriction and you can also opt to add a progress bar into this option so they can keep track of their progress. You, if you want exclude some of the markers from the progress bar by right clicking on the three dots and ticking the popup box.


    If you opt for a guided tour then they follow a set path along markers and hotspots set by you.


    What else can I do with 360° Images?

    Once you’ve mastered the basics of these images you can add further intactivity to them by selecting either the hotspot or marker then selecting Trigger from the marker tab.


    Triggers in Articulate 360 images

    Once the trigger has been selected the Trigger Wizard box will pop appear with a number of actions. There won’t be as many Triggers as you would normally expect to see because these are just relevant to the 360° image.


    Show layer, Lightbox Slide, Slide Navigation and Adjust Variable are some of the few available.


    You can add multiple Triggers to one marker or hotspot by adding New Trigger from the Triggers panel.


    There is, of course much more you can do with the 360° feature in Articulate and we cover this in depth on our training course. 


    You can view the Articulate Course content at:


    Articulate Training Course


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