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  • Adobe InDesign & Photoshop Training

    InDesign & Photoshop Course


    The InDesign & Photoshop Course combine both pieces of software and show you how to work with the tools and features in both. Yu learn how to create, edit and retouch photography in Photoshop then take the images across to InDesign to use in spreads and layouts. This combo Adobe Course is perfect for individuals or businesses wanting to learn the features of both InDesign and Photoshop to produce high impact visuals for print or web.


    You will learn how to produce crystal clear images with accurate selection techniques then edit images using techniques used by design professionals which can then be used in print documents, websites or digital presentations.


    InDesign & Photoshop Training Content in brief

    • Photoshop: Create, enhance and retouch new and existing images, work with layers, produce accurate colour proofing, use the Tools panel
    • InDesign: Create and design various layouts, edit existing documents, best practice and layout tools, character & paragraph formatting, image placement options, text wrapping
    • You will learn how to work with a number of different layouts including posters, manuals, marketing & promotional literature with beautiful professional images



    Based in the Midlands means location is not a restriction for onsite training as I travel extensively across the UK.


    This InDesign and Photoshop training course can be held in most versions of the software including CC 2017 and earlier including CS, CS6, CS5


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    Adobe InDesign & Photoshop Training - Overviews

    Photoshop Precise Positioning

    Grids / Guides / Rulers
    Print v Pixel
    Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
    Transformation Tools
    Working with Crop Tool


    Photoshop Layers

    Understanding Layers
    Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
    Merging & Flattening Layers
    Layer Palette
    Fill Layers
    Adjustment Layers


    Photoshop Practicalities

    Working with Multiple Images
    Understand different Image Modes
    Photoshop Keystrokes
    Working with Views
    Window >Arrange
    Window >Workspace
    Image Formats


    Photoshop & Colour

    Working with Colour
    Colour Modes
    Colour Harmony
    Colour Replacement Brush
    Hue and Saturation
    Colour Balance
    Black and White Mode

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