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  • Prezi Training

    Posted on 18th August 2017 by Greta Powell

    With the recent update to Prezi I can now provide Prezi Next training. Recently released from Prezi this version, unlike its predecessor runs on HTML 5 technology.



    Photoshop & HDR Training

    Posted on 13th August 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop & HDR Training Courses



    Photoshop Courses including HDR & the Filter Gallery are run onsite across the UK, the Midlands……………… 


    Below is an example of working with HDR & Tone Mapping in Photoshop.



    Photoshop HDR photography training

















    InDesign and Photoshop Training

    Posted on 1st August 2017 by Greta Powell

    InDesign & Photoshop Training Course Content Updated

    The content for the InDesign & Photoshop course content has now been updated to include smart filters, select & mask and to work with CC libraries across the Cloud. 


    InDesign & Photoshop training course onsite








    If you would like to know more about this or any other course please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat. I deliver training across the whole of the UK including the Midlands and all major cities and surrounding areas.


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    InDesign Tailored Course for Magazine Design

    Posted on 22nd July 2017 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Tailored Course for Magazine Design


    It’s been a very busy week indeed for InDesign Training especially over the last two days when I ran a tailored course covering InDesign and magazine design. The company, who were based in Lincolnshire have an annual magazine which for some years has been designed by an external design studio. They  were looking to cut this particular budget by bringing the magazine and other design projects in-house. 


    Over the two days we looked at how to create a magazine layout from scratch, adding images and external files such as Word and Excel documents and then moved forward to work at streamlining workflows such as templates, presets, colour swatches and styles.  The delegates worked from their previous magazines and at the end of the two days had a new structure of the magazine in place – all they need to do now over the next few weeks is bring in the content as and when it arrives.


    Prior to the InDesign course they were slightly concerned because they had a deadline of six weeks to getting this document across to print but following the training they are feeling much more confident.


    Please take a look at my testimonials page to see what they said about their time with me at InDesign Testimonials.


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    Photoshop Training Course in Oxford

    Posted on 6th July 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop Training Course in Oxford

    Many of the Photoshop courses I run are customised and tailored to the individual clients requirements.  Yesterday I ran a Photoshop course for the graphics /photography department of a school in Oxfordshire which had a number of people on it. The delegates were of of varying levels and abilities ranging from complete beginner to advanced users but all were looking to incorporate Photoshop more in their own work teaching graphics and photography


    I thought to help clarify a little of what I do it might help to go over some of the things we covered during the day and also display an example of what one of the delegates produced. We looked at a number of different techniques including Smart Filters and Smart Objects, Clipping Masks, Working with Brushes,  InDepth layers and colour washes.  One of the features worked with was blending modes and the following image the end result produced by one of the delegates.



    Blending Modes in Photoshop














    Although I run set courses I specialise in totally bespoke Photoshop Training Courses for companies and individuals. If you are looking to learn something specific in Photoshop whether its 3D, Video Editing, Photographic retouching  or just learning the basics then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.  


    Photoshop Training Locations

    Although this Photoshop Course was run in Oxfordshire I travel extensively across the UK including all major cities and their surrounding areas – again, please get in touch to discuss availability and location in your area


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    Camtasia Training

    Posted on 5th July 2017 by Greta Powell

    Camtasia Training in the Midlands


    Been a little Camtasia mad here for the last couple of weeks with loads of training courses in the software.


    If you are considering some Camtasia Training – take a look at my testimonials page and see what people thought about recent courses



    Adobe Captivate 2017 Training

    Posted on 3rd July 2017 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Captivate 2017 Training 

    On this Adobe Captivate 2017  course I will show you how to create, edit and publish rich eLearning modules and projects.  Being a Midlands based Captivate Trainer means I am perfectly positioned to run Adobe Training across the UK for 121 sessions and closed company courses for anyone looking for a more bespoke approach to their Captivate Training.  I travel extensively across the UK delivering onsite Captivate and eLearning courses various locations including Nottingham Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Boston, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Northampton and Cheltenham to name but a few.


    As with all my Adobe Courses the Captivate training is constantly being updated and on this course you will cover the new elements contained in Captivate 2017 ensuring you get a clear and concise grip on the tools and features contained in the software.  


    • Create and edit software simulations
    • Create and include an FMR recording in a project
    • Include Rich Media Elements
    • Create Quizzes, Add Questions and work with Question Pools
    • Work with Responsive Design
    • Captivate 2017 Fluid Boxes



    • The first person/individual: £300.00 all inclusive per day
    • Second/subsequent delegates: £75.00 each all inclusive per day
    • *Laptop Hire: £25.00 per day
      *T&C’s apply
    • Projector Hire: £35.00 per day


    Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred but for 121 sessions travel expenses always apply


    Adobe Captivate Training Course Info

    The onsite Captivate Training is ideal for individuals or closed company courses and any content can be tweaked according to your individual requirements.  On a one to one basis is takes one day but for company courses it is a two day course.


    I am happy to run Captivate Training in all versions of the software including Captivate 9, Captivate 8, Captivate 7, Captive 6 and Captivate 5.


    View the Captivate Course Content


    This Adobe Captivate 2017 Training Course is held onsite UK Wide including Nottingham Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Boston, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Northampton and Cheltenham, Nottinghamshire, Notts, Newark, Worksop, Ruddington, Sutton in Ashfield and all surrounding areas


    I travel extensively across the UK so please contact me regarding location and date availability in your area

    InDesign Training Nottingham | InDesign Introduction Course

    Posted on 1st July 2017 by Greta Powell

    Adobe InDesign Training – Nottingham

    This Adobe InDesign Training is run onsite across the whole of Nottinghamshire and Nottingham for 121 sesions and company groups at times and dates to suit you.  This Onsite InDesign Course run at Introduction level is ideal for those delegates looking to gain a good understanding of the software or anyone wishing to update their current skills. During the day you will work hands on with various layouts including flyers, manuals, newsletters, business stationery and other layouts to produce professional visual communications quickly and easily.



    InDesign Course – how it works

    I totally specialise in onsite Adobe Training and come directly out to you to deliver the training on your premises, either home or office for either individuals, small company groups and larger scale projects at times and dates that work for you and your staff. Onsite InDesign training offers a number of benefits when run by an independent trainer in that you get the same training but at:

    • realistic and reduced costs (I have no overheads such as marketing, sales team etc)
    • you save on staff travel and expenses
    • if required laptops can be rented and setup for the training with the software version of your choice
    • mutually agreed dates and times


    InDesign Training in brief

    This InDesign Course covers the following:

    • Create New Documents & Edit Existing Ones
    • Work with Type
    • Placing & Manipulating Images
    • Smart Layouts
    • Text Wrapping
    • Colour
    • Strokes & Fills
    • Print & PDF



    View the full InDesign Course Content

    Fonts and Typefaces

    Posted on 29th June 2017 by Greta Powell

    Fonts & Typefaces in Design


    People love images and colours – it shows in their design and workflows time and time again but one of the most neglected and probably the most communicative if not the beautiful part of a page is the font or typeface. Using the right font or typeface is crucial to the look and feel of your whole spread.


    Find out more about fonts and how they can bolster your design work by nipping across to the Adobeblog for a brief but informative look at “Whats in a font”



    Top Ten Tips of Font Design


    Or nip over to the Creative Blog site to find out to create your own fonts


    Fonts, type and design tips are included in my Adobe Training Courses – I will show you how to work with type to create communicative and engaging publications.


    Thank you for dropping by.

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    Fonts' and Type Design







    Photoshop Photography Course

    Posted on 28th June 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop Photography Training Course


    This is one of the most flexible of the Photoshop Training Courses because generally each delegate has a clear idea of exactly what they want to achieve from their course.  


    For some it could colour enhancement whereas for others its HDR or learning to use the Photoshop photography filters……..it really does depend on you.  This is a recent example of an enhanced image in Photoshop using very basic tools including levels, curves and contrast.


    I run Photoshop Courses across the UK, onsite at your premises for one to one sessions or closed company groups………….I also run Lightroom Courses or a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom Training. 



    Photoshop Training Courses


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